Desert Safari Dubai – Marvelous Adventure

There are many places of attractions in Dubai. Dubai is the fastest-growing country in the world for the last 50 years. Dubai has many magnificent places that have an extraordinary architect. Even eastern countries are following the architect of Dubai (UAE) but some places in Dubai which you cannot find in any other place like the Dubai aquarium, Dubai desert safari. Desert safari Dubai has the magnificent marvellous adventure of racing.  You will find the great race competition in that desert. Many films and songs also shoot in this desert due to its red sand suns and dazzling rays of a shiny sun.

 Desert Safari Dubai:

Dubai Red Dunes Desert is a pure thrill. you will enjoy dune bashing at red dunes that will accelerate your heartbeat. A promising fun trip for a lifetime. Camel raiding and sand boarding on Dubai’s dunes that you can never forget and then we will do the most favourite part of the trip is Quad Biking Experience. To serve the entertainment for all especially for women we offer henna painting and sheesha smoking. Wide variety of international dishes in a dinner buffet with unlimited soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Traditionally dressed up and traditionally belly & Tanura dance will be the best part of the fun in desert camp.

Safety Precautions:

When you will visit Dubai desert safari you have to remember didn’t bring infants below 4 years. Infants may not be allowed because of the thrilling adventure and dazzling rays of the sun.

Arabia is a land of unparalleled charm and beauty with red sand dunes and dazzling rays of sun and Arabia is a land of eloquence. Many poetical competitions held in Arabia and in desert safari Dubai. Small children, especially those below five, have bones that are still fragile and are more vulnerable to fractures even inside the 4WDs. With each jump and climb down during dune bashing, the passengers’ heads and bodies hit the roof and the sides of the vehicle. Kids may get injured because of such incidents as well.

Competitions in Desert Safari Dubai:

Jeep racing with BBQ night in desert safari Dubai people from the whole world specially come into Dubai desert safari for racing of cars and camels with the unbelievable parties at night.

Desert Dubai safari

The festival kicks off with an extravagant opening ceremony, with fireworks and light shows taking place over Dubai Creek and continuing to light Dubai’s skies throughout the festival.
Bargain hunters will be in heaven at the Dubai Shopping Festival with massive discounts on any product you can think of including gold, Dubai’s signature product, major designer fashion labels, electronics, cars, and more. There are also hundreds of competitions run throughout the festival, with prizes running into the millions. The 2012 festival includes a Mega Raffle whereby every day of the festival one lucky shopper wins a luxury Infinite QX56 SUV costing AED 350,000 plus AED 100,000.

We must mention their you will not find that kind of desert in any other country. Hope the question arises in your mind is the visit of Dubai desert safari safe?  It is safe in desert safari because you go along with another group. I would like to suggest you Evening Desert Safari tour. This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops during an exciting dune drive to the first destination a camel farm. The drive continues across the desert.

Shootings and Photoshoots:

As I have mentioned before many film industries especially Hollywood shoot many songs in that Deseret and Hollywood shoot actions in that desert many people when a visit to Dubai prefer to shoot in that desert. Because the result of the camera with the sunlight is marvellous when you will see the photo-shoots of the fashion icons, they have multiple pictures in Desert safari Dubai.

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