The Facts About Bahrain.

History of Bahrain

It was the central location of the ancient Dilmun civilization. Its a strategic location in the Persian Gulf has brought rule and influence in largely the Persians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Portuguese, the Arabs, and the British.

Information of Bahrain

Full Name:

Kingdom of Bahrain

National Language:

The National Language is Arabic Other Languages of Bahrain are English, Persian and  Urdu.


Manama is the Capital of Bahrain, Manama is a very Beautiful city & heart of the political & economic activities of It’s.

Official Religion:

Islam is the official religion of this Country.


The Total population is 1.569 Million.

Currency Name & Value:

The Currency of Bahrain is called BHD-Bahraini Dinar & one American Dollar is equal to  0.376000 Bahraini Dinars.  424.62 Rupees.

Area of Bahrain:

The area of Bahrain is 765.3 km².


No States of Bahrain.


Budaiya, Jasra, Boori, Hamala, Dumistan, Karzakan, Malikiya, Sadad, Shahrakan, Dar Kulaib, Hamad Town, Zallaq, Umm an Nasan, Umm as Sabaan, Jidda Island, Northern City, Saar, Al Markh, Janabiya, Diraz, Bani Jamra, Qurayya, Abu Saiba, Shakhura, Jid Al-Haj, Jannusan, Muqaba, Barbar, Khamis, Jidhafs, Al Musalla, Tashan, Abu Baham, North Sehla, South Sehla, Buquwa, Al Qala, Hillat Abdul Saleh, Meqsha, Al Qadam, Al Hajar, Karrana.

Famous Food:

It is a food rich country. There are many famous foods, but these are some famous foods.

Gahwa, Machboos, Falafel, Egyptian Sweet Pastry Dessert, Samboosa, Ghoozi,

Historical Places:

Bab Al Bahrain, Qal’at Al-Bahrain, Al Khamis Mosque, Bahrain National Museum, Jebel Al Dukhan, Al Areen Wildlife Park, Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Tree of Life

Tourism Places:

Manama ,Al Muharraq, Saar, Riffa,Zallaq,Sakhir, Awali

Things to do in Bahrain:

  • It is a culture rich country & you can do a lot of things here like
  • Vacation Photographer in Bahrain
  • Manama Airport Same Day Luggage Services
  • Zubara North Coast Tour in Qatar
  • Dammam Airport Same Day Luggage Services
  • Full-Day Bahrain Guided Tour
  • Catch the Essence of Manama – Half Day City Tour
  • Bahrain Treasures
  • Amwaj Islands Blast
  • The Dilmun Civilization
  • The Pearling Trail

Interesting things:

  • It is an island, but not as you know it.
  • Actually, it’s an archipelago.
  • this is only 46 years old.
  • It was once a Portuguese colony….
  • this country is an ancient glory.
  • It was an early adopter of Islam.
  • that country staged the first Grand Prix in the Middle East.
  • It is a glutton for electricity.


Its economy is heavily dependent upon oil and gas. Its currency is the second-highest-valued money unit on earth. Since the late 20th century, Bahrain has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors. The country’s capital, Manama is home to several large financial arrangements. Bahrain’s fund industry is very profitable. In 2008, It is appointed the world’s fastest-growing financial centre from the City of London’s Global Financial Centres Index. Bahrain’s banking and financial services industry, particularly Islamic banking, have benefited from the regional boom driven by the need for petroleum. Petroleum manufacturing is Bahrain’s most exported product, accounting for 60% of export receipts, 70 per cent of government revenues, and 11% of GDP. Aluminium is the next most exported product, followed by finance and construction materials.

Armed Force:

Active force is  18,400 (approximate)

Top Professions:

Architect, Maid, Night auditor, Safety engineer,  Mechanic, Chef,

Strange Laws:

  • Forbidden to Pay in Coins. Illegal to Drag a Dead Horse Along the Street.
  • Illegal to Remove a Bandage in Public.
  • Not Allowed To Carry a Snake in Public.
  • Unacceptable to Hold Too Many Sales.
  • Illegal To Accidentally Scare a Child to Death.
  • Forbidden To Pick Trillium.
  • Illegal to Bring Llamas to National Parks.
  • Illegal to Own a Domestic Rat.
  • Forbidden To Paint Doors in Purple.
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