Pakistan To Host the World Tourism Conference 2020

explore the matchless beauty of Pakistan.
paradise in Pakistan

Knowledge Rules The World Not Languages

Tourism Industry:

Tourism means people travelling for fun. It includes activities such as sightseeing and camping. People who travel for fun are called “tourists“. Places, where many tourists stay, are called “resorts”. Some people travel to do an activity which they cannot do at home. Like camping, hiking, and other types of adventures. In the order of the tourism world tourism conference, 2020 is going to held in Pakistan.

People like tourism because they want to explore the world and to know the different cultures which exist in the world.

US Travel Magazine:

In the latest US travel magazine, they prepare the best tourism destination in the world. US travel magazine declares Pakistan is the top destination for tourism. It is shocking and great news for Pakistan. that is the reason the upcoming tourism conference 2020 is going to held in Pakistan. The question arises in every why and how Pakistan?

World Tourism Conference 2020:

Another good news for Pakistan is that the world tourism conference is going to held in Pakistan. As we know this era of the pandemic of COVID 19 people all over the world are afraid of due to this pandemic. The good and fortunate news for Pakistan is the coronavirus which destroys the whole world very badly. In Pakistan, the world has never seen that type of disaster and massacre. Nowadays Pakistan fortunately almost covers coronavirus.

So, Pakistan is truly saved from that disease and Pakistan also covers the coronavirus. On the other hand, Pakistan covers terrorism 100 percent Pakistan army and Pakistan government take a deep interest in the elimination of terrorism. So, Pakistan clears all militancy. whether that militancy in the hands of white colours or in politicians and even some religious militancy.

Now we can say that Pakistan is a liberal and completely safe and suitable country for tourism. That’s why the US travel magazine ranks Pakistan at the top for tourism.

Why & How Pakistan:

Unfortunately, always the local and international media promote the controversial face of Pakistan to the world. We do not know why to hope so in some type of hate or anything else, but we have no concern with that topic. Pakistan has four provinces  (Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan,) and two autonomous territories(Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan).

matchless beauty of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a combination of entirely different cultures. According to some interesting search, the accent of the peoples are changed after some kilometers of the same language it is interesting isn’t it?

Provinces and Differences:

The people who are living in Punjab called Punjabi and those who live in Sindh called Sindhi and those who live in KPK called Pakhtoons and in Baluchistan called Baluchi. They have their different language and culture and traditions in dressing in food and in anything else. After all these differences, they are all agreed that the capital of Pakistan should be Islamabad and the national language is Urdu as well. This is an embodiment of humbleness and compassion I think Pakistanis finally understand that “knowledge rules the world, not languages“.

The most important thing in Pakistan is should be the beloved of everyone in the food of Pakistan. Every foreigner who visits Pakistan his statement was that Pakistani food is matchless in the whole world. even the heart of Pakistan Lahore is especially famous for its cuisine.

Cultural Clash and Humbleness:

There are some places (historical, spiritual) and cultures which only exist in Pakistan. Due to the anonymous historical names and spiritualism, the people of Pakistan have also the reflections. Only in Pakistan, you will see several kinds of peoples some of them have supported the ideology of liberalism some of them support the ideology of secularism some of them support the traditional system. The big contradiction has among the people. The great thing is that the people of Pakistan are peaceful they know how to be humble. This is the reason after the huge differences they have never ever made chaos among themselves.

Afterward, Pakistan also has the tribal in some tribal areas like FATA and in Baluchistan but these tribes are under consideration of Pakistan’s government but they can’t break down their tribal dynasties in these areas you will see another type of totally different culture.

Fight Against Terrorism:

The government tries to give ease to the tourist and the government tries to build the roads to create the luxury.  we must remember that tourism promotes in Pakistan for the last two years in large scale previous governments have never thought about tourism and to eliminate the hatred and terrorism.

Now, prime minister, Imran khan shows the constructive interest in tourism and completely succeeds in the elimination of terrorism. Due to terrorism, Pakistan has already suffered a lot. Tourism was approximately banned but now some British vloggers are visiting Pakistan. Some of the vloggers especially Brooke Saward never want to leave the country. So this is Pakistan which admires by the foreigners in every way.

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