The Facts About Azerbaijan

Overview Of Azerbaijan:

It is the biggest country within the Caucasus locale of Eurasia, and one of the foremost progressive and mainstream Islamic social orders. It is an equitable republic and is among the Muslim nations where support for secularism and resilience is the highest, particularly against Armenians.

Information Of Azerbaijan:

Full Name:

The official name of the country is “the Republic of Azerbaijan”

National Language:

The National Language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani. Other Languages of Azerbaijan Russian, English, Lezgian, Talysh, Avar, Georgian, Budukh, Juhuri, Khinalug, Kryts, Jek, Rutul, Tsakhur, Tat, and Udi.


Baku is the Capital of Azerbaijan. Baku is a very beautiful city & the heart of the political & economic activities of the country.


Islam is the official religion here.

Total Population:

The total population of the country is 9.981 million.

Currency Name & Value:

The Currency of Azerbaijan is called Azerbaijani manat & one American Dollar is equal to 1.70 Azerbaijani manats.

Total Area:

The total area of the country is 86,600 km².

States Of Azerbaijan:

Absheron, Aran, Daghlig Shervan, Ganja-Gazakh, Guba-Khackmaz, Kalbajar-Lachin, Lankaran, Nakhchivan, Shaki-Zaqatala, Yukhari Garabagh

Cities Of Azerbaijan:

Famous Cities are as below

Gabala, Lankaran, Ganja, Sheki, Baku, Sumqayıt, Yevlakh

Famous Foods:

It’s a food rich country. There are many famous foods here but these are the famous foods of Azerbaijan

  • Plov
  • Dolma
  • Baliq, Lavangi
  • Lyulya Kebab
  • Piti
  • Pakhlava
  • Halva
  • Qutab


Historical Places:

There are many historical places in the country. But some of the most visited historical places in the country are

  • The Maiden Tower
  • Shirvanshah Palace
  • Ateshgah, Gobustan
  • Azkyh  Cave
  • Gamigaya Drawings
  • Chiraggala

Things To Do:

It is a culture rich country & you can do a lot of things here like

  • Fire temple
  • Museums in Baku
  • Fire Mountain
  • Take a day trip to Gobustan
  • Explore the beaches of the Absheron
  • Discover Sheki’s Silk Road legacy
  • Hiking between Guba’s remote villages
  • Marvel at Lake Goygol


Interesting Things:

  • It has a city built on stilts
  • Its currency is modelled on Euros
  • They love a good carpet
  • Its national sport is played to music
  • You can float through the capital
  • It has no media freedom
  • Many people have gold teeth
  • Its babies are bathed in saltwater
  • There is a sinister memorial to a great spy

The Economy Of Azerbaijan:

  • Nominal GDP is $47.171 billion
  • PPP GDP is $187.346 billion
  • GDP growth is 1.5% (2018) 2.2% (2019e) −2.6% (2020f) 2.2% (2021f)
  • Labor Force is 5,073,024 (2019)
  • Exports are $15.15 billion
  • Imports are $9.037 billion
  • Revenues are 9.556 billion
  • Expenses are10.22 billion

Azerbaijan Armed Forces:

  • Active personnel are 66,950
  • Reserve personnel are 300000

Top Professions:

Top professions in the country are

  • Wholesale Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Executive
  • The sales Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Head of Direct Sales
  • Head of Retail

Strange Laws:

  • The sign of “OK” is considered to be rude and offensive
  • According to the law, foreigners need to carry their passports at all times.
  • Often a day trip costs at least $70 per person with a driver.
  • Don’t say negative things about Azerbaijan to locals
  • Don’t speak about Armenia
  • Foreigners who plan to spend longer than 10 days in the country need to register their presence with the State Migration Service.
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