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An Insider’s Guide to best whale watching on Oahu

March 22, 2022

Between the months of December and in May, some earths biggest creatures are seen entering the oceans of Oahu, Hawaii for feeding and fun. In the winter months the migratory Humpback whales can be seen swimming in the water just minutes away from shore! There are plenty of options to view these magnificent whales. We’ve collected everything tourists must be aware of concerning whale-watching in Oahu! For more tips and tricks take a look at the no-cost Oahu Guide to Travel. Guide.

Select a Tour Agency

If you’d like to relax and take in an ocean adventure while you hunt for whales, an Oahu whale cruise could be the perfect option. On these boat tours expert guides take you to the most coveted whale-spotting spots! The marine experts are aware of the secrets to ensure you a successful excursion.

You can spot them on your own

Another excellent way to observe whales in the vicinity of Oahu is from a vantage location you choose! Some of the most sought-after spots to set up your tent and observe whales are Hanauma Bay as well as at the Makapu’u Lighthouse (also one of the most beautiful hiking trails to the lighthouse on Oahu) as well as Diamond Head’s array of ocean-side views. Oahu’s numerous beaches also offer the chance to see whales on occasion!

Tips to Identify Kohola

Be Patient

Humpback whales are referred to by the name of Kohola on Oahu and Oahu’s people from Oahu will tell you that these unique creatures need patience. While some individuals get a tail-splash in the first few minutes of their visit while others have to be patient. Take your time and remember that even if do not see an Kohola the fact is that you’re still at one of the most fascinating destinations around the globe!

Be Safe

Hawaii’s laws require you to keep at least 100 yards from whales, regardless of whether you’re on a boat, or swimming. In our home on Oahu the island, we follow the malama “aina” that means taking care of the earth. It also involves taking care of the animals that live on the land!

Bring on the Right Gear

Another crucial aspect to make the most of your whale-watching excursion on Oahu is to bring the appropriate equipment! Here’s a list of the essentials you should bring with you as you hunt for these magnificent whales:

  • Binoculars
  • A windbreaker or jacket
  • Shoes that are non-skid (if you’re going to be on the vessel)
  • Portable phone charger, or battery pack
  • A clear case, waterproof or sleeve for your smartphone.

Where to stay after the Whale Watching experience on Oahu

In this case, Oahu whale-watching is not just an activity, it’s a chance to join the stunning coastlines of sand and rock only found in Hawaii! It’s important to have accommodation after a thrilling day at sea and an Hawaii Beach Homes vacation rental is the best option. Our stunning beachfront properties are a perfect blend of Oahu’s rich history with the land and sea. The result? Together with an exceptional and unforgettable stay for the entire group! Begin planning your next adventure now by making a reservation on any of the South Shores or North Shores.

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