Things To do In Ras Al Khaimah
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Things To do In Ras Al Khaimah

September 13, 2021

Sunset at the Grouse Grind

Things To do In Ras Al Khaimah? I like to go on hikes to appreciate the beauty of nature and to escape the craziness of everyday life. Hiking is also a great way to exercise. One of my favorite hikes in Vancouver is the Grouse Grind at Grouse Mountain. If you’re not familiar with the Grouse Grind, it’s a 2.5-kilometre multi-use path that crosses through parks and forests along the Vancouver Island coastline. I’ve been going on this hike for about five years now. It is challenging, but rewarding. The views from the top of the mountain provide more than enough incentive to bring friends

Skiing in the Rockies

Skiing in the Rockies was a great way to get away from it all. There was no internet, no cell phone service, and not even a television in the house. It’s great to not be able to be distracted because once you started being distracted, it would just snowball and you wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Let’s face it, there are plenty of mountains in and around Vancouver. Gillam contributes that the mountains offer more thrills and surprises than it gets credit for. Plus, if you’re local, you already know what to do to get your adrenaline pumping once you get off the plane. You’ll want to take advantage of some of that time off!

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

If you live in Vancouver, check out the Vancouver International Jazz Festival this summer. It’s a great opportunity to hear a wide variety of jazz music in a fun, outdoor setting. It’s also a great way to celebrate the end of summer. Super Seed: A Zen Garden is an urban farm tucked within the Japan town neighborhood of downtown Vancouver. Every year they have a different theme for the garden: this year it’s costuming.

Snowshoeing in Whistler

I am a big fan of snowshoeing. It is a really great way to get outside and be active in the winter. There are a lot of great places to snowshoe in Whistler. The best place to start is Blackcomb Peak to access the alpine ridge that runs from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb. In addition, about a 15 minute drive to the northeast of the city is Revelstoke Mountain. If you’re feeling more like a nice café (instead of a hike), Conception Bay sits on the shore of the Burrard Inlet which makes for a gorgeous backdrop to snowshoeing. Or, if you only have time for one trip, do a guided trip on the Colchuck Trail. Pro Tip: Use coconut oil to lubricate your feet.

The Night Market

Specifically, there’s a big night market in Vietnam that’s open from 5pm – 2am, which makes it a very busy market. The trick to getting to the best stuff is to get there early because the “good” stuff will go fast. As the market gets busier, the quality of the goods will go down. Museum Mile–The best tourists route in Vancouver is from the Granville Bridge to Mt. Seymour. It’s got a guided tour you can do as well, and you can also ask someone to drop you off at a local beach.

Things To do In Ras Al Khaimah

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