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June 14, 2022

Cuba’s Yoani Sánchez as of late reported that her advanced paper 14ymedio will start distributing one week from now. The news source will be called 14ymedio, to some degree following 2014 — the extended time of its establishing. To a limited extent after her fourteenth floor loft in Havana. Obviously, all report about this occasion has been framed in regrettable terms about Cuba’s “syndication on the broad communications”. Albeit the multiplication of web journals and elective news aggregators from Cuba, including Ms. Sánchez’s blog Generation Y. And the new web-based paper, would demonstrate in any case. Here are passages of a Miami Herald article; see interface for full piece beneath:

“It will be a troublesome street,” Sanchez wrote in a post on her blog, Generation Y”. As of now, truth told. A few groups in our work group have got the main admonition calls from State Security. Be that as it may, we have no great explanation to be reluctant. 14ymedio arises with nothing to stow away. Data in regard to its article approach, morals and monetary responsibilities will be accessible on our Web page. Which will go live on May 21.

The 38-year-old Havana lady became one of the Cuban blogosphere’s most-followed authors with her now and again wonderful. On occasion gnawing analysis on the shortfalls of the island’s socialist framework. She has said she needs the computerized paper. The public authority possesses every one of the presses and runs every one of the papers and radio and TV slots on the island. To annal “the genuine Cuba” and go with the political progress she accepts is drawing closer.

Sanchez has said she trusts her paper, with a staff of 12 that incorporates her better half, columnist Reinaldo Escobar, will have the standard segments of a paper like games, assessment, design and even business. Late posts by Sanchez and Escobar have shown a not so subtle worry for how the public authority will respond when the paper, which they have been dealing with for a considerable length of time, at last raises a ruckus around town.

The Cuban government hindered neighborhood admittance to Generation Y and in excess of 40 different online journals it viewed as basic for a considerable length of time. Police have confined her somewhere around once, the initial occasion when she was making a beeline for a resistance road fight. However, in February 2011, the public authority lifted what Sanchez called the “the drawn out evening of oversight” on the basic web journals, certainly letting it out couldn’t actually control what Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes once called the “wild horse” of the Internet.

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