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Best European Cities To Visit

August 16, 2023

Top 10 Best European Cities to Visit

Here we discuss the best European cities to visit. From sun-kissed coastlines to an extensive history of empires and kings, London boasts an abundance of historic treasures. Palaces to museums abound within its city limits – London truly exudes culture.

Visits to the former Yugoslavia’s capital can provide an illuminating lesson in European recent history. Explore bullet holes in walls and learn about atrocities at the Crimes Against Humanity Museum.

1. Paris is One of Best European Cities to Visit

Paris may be known for its long lines, but this vibrant capital offers an unparalleled collection of iconic attractions to savor. Admire the breathtaking architecture, indulge in free tapas delights, and listen to melancholic folk music such as Fado.

Kutna Hora in Bohemia is an impressive city. To truly discover its splendor, visit its unique Bone Church which features walls and ceilings decorated with skulls. Experience delicious wine as you explore charming cobbled streets brimming with boutique stores.

Paris best european cities to visit

2. Stockholm

Stockholm is one city from the best European cities to visit, combining magnificent historic attractions with an active culinary and nightlife scene.

This city is widely considered to be one of the longest art exhibits, featuring 90 of its metro stations covered in murals and sculptures. A tolerant and progressive city, Stockholm has inspired countless musicians – most famously ABBA. Additionally, Stockholm boasts a vibrant open music culture.


3. Madrid

Spain’s capital city stands out as one of the most vibrant, populous, and bustling metropolises in Europe, home to millions of inhabitants who appreciate a unique blend of high-quality culture, shopping opportunities, and traditional flavors.

Madrid is the perfect place to experience ancient Egyptian artifacts – visit the Templo de Debod or marvel at the 13th-century stained glass in their cathedral!


4. Valencia

Valencia, like many cities across Spain, boasts a rich and fascinating history and culture. As one of the first Spanish cities to embrace printing presses, and home to some of Spain’s top museums.

Do not miss the Mercado Central, one of Europe’s premier markets featuring exquisite art nouveau architecture. Or indulge in some delicious horchata (made with tiger nuts). So popular is its popularity that UNESCO has included it as part of their Intangible Cultural Heritage list!


Valencia best european cities to visit

5. Utrecht Is One of the Best European Cities to Visit

Dutch cities epitomize European cafe and restaurant terrace culture. Spend your afternoons wandering the compact medieval center for stunning views and boutique shops around every corner.

Climb the 465 steps of Dom Tower for breathtaking city views. After that, head to Hoog Catharijne Mall – one of the largest indoor shopping centers in the Netherlands!

Utrecht best european cities to visit

6. Oxford

Oxford is home to one of the world’s premier universities and an educational oasis. Stroll its charming streets, meet innovative professors, and discover museums filled with treasures!

Visit Kutna Hora on your Czech Republic trip and pay a respectful visit to its historic town center and unique ‘Bone Church’, with over 40 000 human bones artfully arranged into the macabre decor.

Oxford best european cities to visit

7. Barcelona

Barcelona, one of Spain’s historic cities, features ancient archaeological sights and an eclectic cafe culture. Additionally, this Spanish city is well known for its spectacular modern architecture such as Gaudi’s unfinished Sagrada Familia masterpiece.

Sporty Catalonians love staying active, and you can join them by participating in football games or jogging. Furthermore, this scenic city with its beaches and mountains makes for an excellent environment for nature enthusiasts.

Barcelona best european cities to visit

8. Dublin

Start exploring Ireland with roundtrip flights starting from $361* one-way! Explore ancient castles, learn about Irish culture at museums, and take part in longstanding seasonal traditions.

Budapest offers visitors a stunning sightseeing experience, from its ancient pubs, bathhouses, and eccentric tea shops, to Durham’s heritage coast and Raby Castle – a medieval marvel worthy of Downton Abbey!


9. Munich

The city’s English Garden offers an ideal place for relaxation. Additionally, visitors can visit the Chinese Pagoda and Munich Zoo.

Visit Kutna Hora for an extraordinary visit of its Bone Church to witness over 40,000 human skeletons adorning its walls and ceilings!

Durham, England is another European gem offering several UNESCO World Heritage sites such as a cathedral and castle.

10. Galway

Ireland is a vibrant hub of culture, boasting everything from cozy old pubs and turf-heated corners to boundary-pushing chefs and an exciting seafood scene. Connemara region’s windswept beaches, undulating bogs, and slate-toned lakes beckon visitors – plus don’t miss a chance to try its famous oysters!

Prague’s macabre Ossuary or Bone Church features over 40,000 human bones laid out as walls, ceilings, and chandeliers in an elaborate display.


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