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Best Places to Travel to in April in Europe – Beaches, Cities, and Adventures

September 1, 2023

Europe has a dazzling variety of reasons to travel in April. The warmest regions of Europe are beginning to welcome back tourists to the beaches due to rising temperatures. Easter is the time to visit destinations like Seville as well as Braga are among the most popular destinations to visit during April in Europe to celebrate the holiday season. And, perhaps more importantly there are still a few bargains that aren’t yet discovere. Here we discuss Best Places To Travel To In April.

The beginning of spring is a good time to take city breaks before the crowds begin. It’s not surprising that some of the top European cities to explore in April (outside of the school holiday) include Paris, Rome, Barcelona and many more of Spain’s top cities.

However, rather than suggest the capital cities that are typically packe as a summer. Time destination, I’ve attempted to look beyond the obvious destinations and provide a few other options for April, each of which is an exclusive seasonal treat.

Of course, the most important aspect to consider when deciding where to visit to Europe during April involves to decide whether you’d like an escape to the beach, a city break, cultural excursion or an adventure trip. So, I’ve divided my recommendations of the top destinations to visit during April across Europe into four categories.

The warmest spots within Europe in April to enjoy an Easter holiday

If you’re looking for the most pleasant climate within Europe during best places to travel to in april to go to the south. Although temperatures are beginning to increase across Europe, there’s the possibility of gray days and rain in northern Europe however, spring wildflowers are bringing color. Therefore, in order to (almost) ensure that you’ll have a pleasant beach experience it’s worth considering the top places to visit in April across Europe.

Cyprus, Best Places To Travel To In April

The sun-lovers can’t be happier with Cyprus as it is one of the most Best Places To Travel To In April, perfect for the perfect beach vacation. The island’s golden sands and azure waters typically soaking in a warm daytime temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (71degF) however, there’s also many things to keep you busy away from the beach.

From the ancient archaeological sites of Pahos including the 4th century BC Tombs of the Kings and the border-lined city of Nicosia’s museums. Cyprus is a place where the best places to visit in april are diverse and interesting. However, getting away from the stunning beaches like Nissi and Aphrodite’s Beach is going to take some effort!

Highlights of April: Cypriots are awestruck by celebrations There are a lot of celebrations in Cyprus all through the year. In April, Orthodox Easter is a huge celebration (some times, it may be in March) The one-day Latchi Fish Festival (usually the third Saturday in this month) is also worth a visit If your trip falls in line with.

Get it done: Larnaca as well as Paphos are the two major airports that are serve by the legacy and budget airlines from Europe. Ferries that are flight-free can found that depart from Greece as well as Turkey.

If you’re looking for a simple holiday package from the UK look for deals similar to those from Love Holidays – including flights starting at around PS160 per room. Only or PS280pp for an all-inclusive hotel. You can also book your own trip by searching for flights at a low cost on Skyscanner and then finding the best hotel deals.

Do you prefer a group tour? Exodus Travels offer some interesting walking tours with a tour guide in April.


Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Who wouldn’t love spending the spring break eating halloumi, island hopping, and sipping cool, refreshing wine while admiring the stunning sunsets? That’s exactly what you will experience while visiting the Greek islands of Dodecanese Islands.

In the Aegean Sea The Dodecanese archipelago comprises the twelve largest and most well-known islands, as well as more than a hundred smaller islands.

Each is unique – and crystal clear waters, so the decision of which one to visit in Europe in April will be based on whether you prefer an island that is more remote and volcanic island getaway like Nisyros or a sun-kissed and affordable getaway in Kos or a blend of heritage, culture, and beaches on the biggest island in the world, Rhodes.

Although these islands are one of the most pleasant places within Europe during April with temperatures typically at or around 20degC (68degF) however, evenings can be a bit cold. If you stay clear of the Easter holiday, it could be a fantastic opportunity to explore the whitewashed Greek areas without crowds!

Highlights of April

The feast that is Agios Georgios of Pastida is celebrated on numerous islands on the 23rd of April. If Easter falls later, then the date could be moved back a bit.

To make it happen, first you’ll have to choose which island you’d like to visit and then consider the things you’re looking for in terms of amenities and costs. You can conduct an Skyscanner search to find possibilities for all of the Greek islands, broken down by cost – if you’re from the US and are looking for routes through Athens.

If you want to fly taking the ferry from Athens is about 18 hours. These sailing excursions around Dodecanese Islands are ideal. Dodecanese Islands are ideal if you are looking to do some island hopping.

If you’re looking for a simple holiday package from the UK You can find deals similar to those by Love Holidays – including flights starting at around PS125pp for a room-only or PS270pp for an all-inclusive hotel.

Dodecanese Islands

Antalya, Turkiye

Although Antalya is the main entry point to Turkiye’s Mediterranean south coast, it technically is in Asia. But, since a large portion of Turkey is located in Europe and the proximity of Antalya to the coast, I’d still rate Antalya as among the top destinations to visit in April in Europe to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation.

The turquoise waters provide plenty of relaxing possibilities, but there are plenty of ancient sites and historical sites to visit in case you are tired of walking. Its Old Harbour is excellent for walking around, and you’ll see traces of the city’s past as an ancient Roman Port especially in the impressive Hadrian’s Gate.

As one of the hottest locations within Europe during April you can anticipate temperatures during the day of 21 degrees Celsius (70degF) and almost certain blue skies.

Accommodation options are offered to everyone, from lavish resorts to budget-friendly stay. There are more laid-back resorts along the coast like Belek as well as Side.

Get it done: Antalya airport is well-serviced. The area is also a popular destination for deals on packages like these by Love Holidays – including flights starting at PS150pp for a room and breakfast or PS210pp for a resort that is all-inclusive.

The best European cities in Europe Or Best Places To Travel To In April

If you’re in the market for a city break more than a getaway to the beach These are my top picks of the top European cities to explore in April. Naturally, outside of the Easter holiday All major capitals are ideal for a visit prior to the summer rush, but these cities have something special to offer during April.

The best European cities in Europe to see this April

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia Capital Ljubljana is among the most beautiful cities to visit during the month of April across Europe. You will not only find an adorable and compact capital city, but a lot of gorgeous day trips into the natural world are within the city’s borders.

Although Ljubljana isn’t exactly an undiscovered treasure in Europe nowadays however, it won’t be as crowded as Venice or Dubrovnik during the Easter holiday.

With its pedestrianised center that’s easy to wander around. If you’re enjoying an establishment serving wine along the canal’s banks – take a taste of your hand at the Zelen grape and enjoy it – or ascending to the castle above, or just wandering through the independent shops that are surround by colorful facades, it’s a difficult task to not fall into the spell of Ljubljana.

Street art in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Best Places To Travel To In April. With a large student population, and a variety of stylish wine and coffee bars around the city A night out here can be a lot of fun.

Highlights of April: Some activities to enjoy in April in Ljubljana include the final days of’Slovenian Music Days’, a classical concert event – as well as Orto Fest which is a month-long festival primarily focused on Slovenian musicians and bands.

Why should you visit Ljubljana? Best Places To Travel To In April

Get it done You can do it! locate flight options to Slovenia directly and directly – Ljubljana airport is tiny Consider other cities nearby like Trieste and Zagreb and then consider an airport transfer service. Flying without a connection from the UK takes about 30 hours using FlixBus.

If you’re looking for more than just a weekend getaway You can easily go to places like Lake Bled and Vipava Valley by public transportation or take a one-week Slovenia tour and let an expert guide you through the highlights of this stunning country.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

If you’re looking to combine the best aspects of the April beach vacation with impressive architecture and a myriad of things to do, think about an excursion to the city of Palma.

Although the mercury is a bit lower within the Balearic Islands than in the Canary Islands – daytime temperatures typically reach 18degC (70degF) The island of Palma de Mallorca is more than just a beach. Palma de Mallorca is about more than just beaches.

In terms of architectural and cultural offerings, the most striking of them all is Palma Cathedral, which towers over the town. The cathedral, a religious icon that is adorned with Gothic splendor, took more than 400 years to build. Other noteworthy sights are The Royal Palace and the intriguingly-round Castell de Bellver.

Pastel-hued corners in Palma de Mallorca

The art world is well represented in Mallorca particularly the work of Balearic artists. The most impressive collections are displayed in Es Baluard and Fundacio Miro. Add to this the enthralling dining scene and a first-class nightlife, which is a world away from the nearby Magaluf’s raucous nightlife and you’ll have everything you require to enjoy a city getaway however

Palma is also among the top European cities you can visit during April, as you can spend a week in the city and take day trips to a few of Spain’s most beautiful destinations like The Serra de Tramuntana, or the picturesque harbour town in Port de Soller, reached via a vintage train that is a bit shaky.

Highlights of April: In addition to celebrating Easter with Semana Santa, local events include the Palma International Boat show and regional foodie festivals in Andratx as well as Alcudia. In the nearby area, you can also find hiking excursions outside of the city enticing due to the flowers along more rural trails.

Why should you visit Mallorca?

Get it done: Mallorca airport is one of Spain’s biggest and busy airports, which is a testimony to its status as one of the most beautiful islands in Europe for an urban getaway. So, you’ll have many flight options to and that connect local UK as well as EU airports, as well as a brand new service that connects directly to New York.

It is possible to fly for free through the overnight ferry between Barcelona and Valencia. If you’d like to book an all-inclusive holiday, lots of choices are available in these resorts close to the beach.

Why should you visit Mallorca?

Copenhagen, Denmark

As temperatures rise and the days becoming longer, Copenhagen is one of the top European cities you can visit during April. Rain showers are not only more unlikely and there are over 50 museums worth visiting in Copenhagen and close by to entertain in the event of rain.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway it’s possible to go to a few of these outstanding museums – The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the best – and discover architectural treasures like Christiansborg Palace, one of Denmark’s royal residences, as well as the Kastellet Fort, which is a well-preserved fortress.

Since Copenhagen was declared as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023 by UNESCO You’ll also find lots of modern buildings to admire as you ride through the city. Other attractions include the vibrant canals of Nyhavn and Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens, a sprawling amusement park which opened in 1843.

Another benefit to visiting prior to the peak of summer is that the cost of accommodation is generally less expensive. Since the cost of traveling in Scandinavia will easily drain your bank account Saving a few Danish Krone on lodging is definitely a plus.

Two days in Copenhagen

Highlights of April The flowers are the main attraction of the month, with the Tivoli Gardens opening up to the public at the beginning of April. Copenhagen’s festival of cherry blossoms takes place at the end of the month.

Get it done: Copenhagen airport is well connected, with non-stop service for the US. The trip can take up to a day via trains from UK.

Where to go to in Europe in April to experience new adventures

If you’re desperate to experience the return of warmer and longer days, but are on a hike or cycling trip instead of a beach, here are a few of the most beautiful destinations to explore in Europe during April. Best Places To Travel To In April.

Jurassic Coast, England, UK

I’d like to introduce the area which I grew up in the in Dorset’s Jurassic Coast in South West England. The UNESCO-listed stretch of coastline extends to East Devon and is hands down one of England’s most beautiful places to visit.

The reason for why this amazing coastal wonder so captivating is in its name. Filled with geological wonders, numerous fossils – some dating back over 180 million years have been discovered here. Even today, if you stroll along the beach you may stumble across one of them yourself.

The Jurassic Coast is also a excellent place to enjoy outdoor activities within the UK. Although April isn’t the ideal temperatures for beach activities in England The wildflowers along with a more stable weather makes the trails along the coast very appealing in this time of year.

A river that flows through Weymouth, a town in Weymouth is a reflection of the colorful houses

Jurassic Coast, England, UK

Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

Get it done The most effective way to discover this part of the Jurassic Coast is to hire the car. But, you can also travel between the major attractions by public transportation.

Weymouth could be a good base for those who don’t have an automobile, and it is also accessible via an express train from London.

Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Portugal is a well-loved tourist destination during April. Tourists flock to Lisbon and Porto and beach-lovers are able to enjoy the top activities to do in the Algarve and flower lovers are keen to visit Fundao Portugal, the country’s blossoming capital. For me, however I believe that this nine-strong Azores archipelago, which lies within the Atlantic between Canada and Europe – is among Europe’s top destinations to visit during April.

Each of these islands is unique, Sao Miguel – the capital and the largest of the group brings everything together to provide new visitors a thrilling introduction.

The highlights of this volcanic-defined paradise include climbing up to the Boca do Inferno viewpoint for views of a sparkling two-color volcanic lake, sandboarding near the black sand beaches and exploring the geothermal activities of Furnas.

A whale’s tail was spotted by an Azores-based boat

With many canyoning, waterfalls, and opportunities to spot wildlife with the gorgeous blue waters, these islands are the ideal opportunity to welcome spring and enjoy the great outdoors after winter.

Highlights of April: Alongside a few Easter celebrations, April marks the beginning of the main whale-watching season, which makes appearances more frequent. Tremor is the Tremor music festival typically occurs in the beginning of April, or on the final days of March.

If you want to get to Sao Miguel, you’ll need to fly since there is no ferry service for long distances, only inter-island service. Direct flights depart from major EU/UK cities, as well as from Boston as well as New York. Package holidays aren’t as well-known in the UK as they are in other popular European destinations, but a few alternatives are available.

Things to do in the Azores

It is recommended to rent an automobile to get to the most popular places on the island quickly. Group tours are an option, especially if you are looking to engage in some adventurous activities. I prefer the local tour operator Futurismo because they offer dolphin and whale spotting and are extremely respectful of the nature. They provide a reasonable one-week adventure tour that covers all the major attractions.


It may not be among the obvious options, however, if you ask me, Albania is one of the most beautiful places to go during April in Europe particularly if you are looking to take on some outdoor adventure.

Instead I’d recommend focusing on adventures in the inland as well as coastal ones, like paragliding above the coastline – to kick-start your spring adrenaline pumping. In the imposing Accursed mountains (Albanian Alps) The winter snow is likely to have gone away by the end of March and has opened up some incredible hiking trails. The melting snow also helps white kayaking and water rafting on the Vjosa River.

People swim in the sea from a rock, as Albania’s beaches get a bit more attractive in April.

The beaches of Albania become more appealing from April

Lake Komani is another breathtaking location for a boat trip or a rural getaway as well as the National Parks of Theth and Valbona offer many outdoor activities. Albania’s UNESCO sites, including the charming cities in Gjirokastra and Berat – are all ready and waiting to be a part of the culture.

Not just but Albania among the top destinations to visit during April in Europe and beyond, but you can also take your trip to the nearby Balkan countries by taking a road journey towards Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Other celebrations are Albania’s South Outdoor Festival – a important event that celebrates all the possibilities of the great outdoors.

Albania in photos

Tirana is the main airport destination in Albania. But, you could also look into the low-cost flights to Tuzla or think about taking a flight through Corfu (Greece) as well as then taking the ferry that is short to the southern part of Albania.

If you’d like to travel around Albania in a group and on bicycles. This cycling tour of 10 days in Albania is a good choice, both because of the itinerary and the possibility of traveling with several new acquaintances.

Where to go in Europe in April for Easter

Although places close to Rome like Rome, such as Vatican City, might seem the obvious choice for which city to visit in Europe during April to celebrate Easter There are many other locations that host major celebrations during the Easter season throughout the continent. Be aware that sometimes Easter occurs in March, so it’s important to know on which dates specific celebrations or events will take place.

Braga, Portugal

It’s true that a lot of Portugal is not considered by international tourists, with the majority of people opting for a weekend getaway in Porto or Lisbon to enjoy their Portuguese city vacation. But, having lived in the country for five years, I am able to say that’s a huge error.

Braga, Portugal

One of the best places in Portugal to visit in Europe during April is the city in northern Braga. This university is not only the home of one of Portugal’s most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the stairwell-heavy Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte located in Braga is also hosts Portugal’s biggest Easter celebrations.

Through Semana Santa (Holy Week), Braga is awash with celebrations and events. Including the famous Lent procession as well as concerts and pilgrimages in churches.

There are plenty of attractions and museums to keep you entertained for a few days at a minimum The opulent Biscainhos Museum is a good starting point. It’s an excellent introduction to the rich culture that is North Portugal beyond Porto and the Douro

Portugal travel guide

Porto is the nearest airport to Braga that is serviced by long-haul and short-haul flights. Lisbon is also a good option as the train connection is only a couple of hours.

It is also possible to sail into Northern Spain with Brittany Ferries for those who want to travel without a flight to the UK. However, you’ll probably prefer to take your vehicle and turn it a two-country road journey, stopping off at places like San Sebastian and Oviedo en the course.

Seville, Spain

When it is time to celebrate Easter in Europe the weekend that takes place in Seville definitely aims for the highest place. Seville is the capital city of southern Spain’s Andalucia region among the top places to go during the month of April across Europe.

It is believe that the Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations in Seville continue for the whole Easter weekend, and the streets are fill with procession that raise statues of the Virgins to the heavens. Numerous clocks will solemnly stroll through the streets lined with people. I find the evening procession to be the most fascinating even if it’s in a spooky way.

With the various Brotherhoods that have their own parade and the Andalusian twist due to the Saetas, a type of flamenco-styled religious song that originated from the region – nothing anywhere else in Spain is as memorable as Easter.

Seville’s Annual April Fair

To create a festive vibe, Seville also hosts its annual Feira in April, which is one of the most well-known events in the country.

A mini-city is specially designe for the event with fireworks, stalls and traditional events like flamenco and equestrianism are all featured. This is the most popular event in town. The casetas (tiny houses) are exclusive to specific family or group. However, certain areas run by public agencies permit access for visitors.

In addition to the celebrations of April, Seville still serves up the most famous tourist attractions. Enjoy a flamenco show, visit the Alcazar of Seville – a patio-heavy fortress-turned-palace – and climb to the top of the towering cathedral for far-reaching cityscapes.

A couple of days spent in Seville

If you’re trying to locate connections You could also try Faro (Portugal) as well. You can then get there by buses or Madrid (especially for connections between continents) and then take the high-speed train to Seville.

Semana Santa is an enormous celebration in the Spanish calendar of events So you’ll need to reserve your hotel and book tickets for the city’s most popular attractions in advance to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the events.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Palestine

It’s not exactly one of the top places to go in April in Europe because Jerusalem as well as the West Bank are in the Asian continent. But, considering the geographic proximity and the sheer number of religious festivals that occur during April, it’s a worth considering when deciding which places to visit in April.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Palestine

In putting personal, political thoughts and human rights debate aside for an instant, I believe that visiting in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in the West Bank – the Gaza Strip is almost impossible to travel through as an individual traveler and is a crucial aspect of traveling through this region of the globe. I learned a lot during my stay here, and will always be grateful to the guide I had for all of his patience, time and ideas when he shared with me the everyday life in Palestine and also well-known places like Bethlehem as well as Jericho.

In relation to Easter, of course it is true that both Jerusalem as well as Bethlehem are significant Christian places. While visiting in Holy Week – even as an atheist, I was awestruck by the ferocity of the procession and the Holy Sepulchre’s Church services.

What is it that makes Jerusalem really special during this season is the fact the fact that three religions, as well as three celebrations take place in tandem.

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr – one of the most important events of the Islamic calendar – is observe in the middle of Ramadan which is which is the Muslim month for fasting. There is also delicious food serve at stands throughout all of the Old City.

The Jewish community is a part of Pesach (or Passover). There are a variety of events that take place over seven days that are capped by two major holy days; the days between them are reffered to as Chol HaMoed. Israelis as well as Jews from all over the globe gathered at Jerusalem during this time and the most popular occasions being usually the services as well as blessings on the Western Wall.

A trip towards the West Bank

It will take about an hour to get to Jerusalem. The journey to Bethlehem is slightly more difficult, since you’ll have to go through the border at a checkpoint. However, it is accomplishe by public transportation.

If you’d like to go on an excursion – and it’s really best to just take the classes alone – I strongly recommend the company I worked with, Green Olive Tours.

Are you looking to learn more about the top places to go in Europe? Take a look at my top Europe secret gems. a few of the most stunning underrated cities in Europe and other suggestions of the top European spring getaways.

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