NYC Skyline

Guide to NYC Skyline

October 14, 2021

New York is considered one of the most iconic places around the world. Everything about New York is exclusive. It is indeed a perfect place to live and do some adventure with lives. NYC skyline is the most well-recognized and distinctive part of the city, and in this article, we are going to talk about the distinguishing buildings that add up to the beauty of the city.

  • 30 Rockefeller plaza 

One of the most beautifully constructed places in New York involves the 30 Rockefeller plaza. It was constructed by Rockefeller Jr in memory of his family. The best time to visit the place is a little before the day goes dark or sunset. You can see the whole city in brilliance with your visible eyes. The beautiful building all over the plaza is visible.

Hence it is better to enjoy the views on a bright day with full sun. The Rockefeller Plaza is known as Rock by the lovers, and it is largely recognized by the romantic ice rink, the Christmas tree and, the fantastic décor. The buildings near it are also covered with art décor to add further glory and beauty to the area. If interested, visit the place through a cruise ride.

30 Rockefeller plaza

  • Brooklyn bridge 

Another outstanding NYC skyline to visit is the traditional and old-fashioned bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Brooklyn city with Manhattan. In a survey, it was recorded that the bridge is about 140 years old, and around 105,67 cars have passed through it. So this makes it pretty traditional. It is also a fun place for the kids. The bridge shows how locals pass through it every day to finish off their daily routines. It shows a completely different side of New York as there are numerous playgrounds and parks on the opposite side of it.

  • Chrysler huge building 

Another historic NYC skyline is called as Chrysler building. This was built by Walter Chrysler, who was the head of the Chrysler Corporation in the year 1930. It was ranked as the tallest building for a year because later in the year, the Empire State was ranked as the tallest building. This is not a tourist place, but somehow it is considered the most beautiful and iconic skyline all over the world. And if you are a tourist, you must get a view of this piece of art.

  • Ellis island immigration building 

Anyone interested in knowing great details about American history then Ellis building is another historic and iconic skyline to visit. It is situated right behind the exclusive statue of liberty. And it was the gateway from 1980 to 1920 for thousands of immigrants who migrated from their countries to enter the USA for a better living. There are many documentaries and stories of people who had struggled hard to cross the island just to enter the States for a new start.

Ellis island immigration building 

  • Empire building 

One of the well-known and loved skylines is the Empire building. All the architects around the world are in love with its beautiful silhouette. In a survey, it was estimated that around 3.5 million people or tourists climb up to the observation deck of the building to get a view of the magical city of New York. It is loved and adored by many people. It gives that panoramic view that no other skyline can provide. The view from its deck is breathtaking, and people are exclusively madly in love with it.

  • One world trade center

We have all know about the world trade center up till now. It marks the United States Independence Day. It is also called the freedom tower, with a height of 17776 meters long. World trade center holds a museum and a memorial plaza for the folks who lost their lives on 9/11. People who lost their loved ones visit the sanctuary every September to recall what happened on 9/11. Despite this incident, it has a great place in the hearts of the people. It marks USA independence and also recognizes the sacrifice of the loved ones who lost their lives in 9/11

  • Statue of liberty 

Lastly, we all know and heard a lot about the statue of liberty, a perfect gift of freedom given by France to the USA. Specifically, it is located on the upper bay over the island of liberty. The statue represents the freedom of love and liberty with other states as well. You can visit the skyline and go on top as well. You have to cross 377 steps, and with the help of a crane, you can reach the top. And over the top corner, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the whole Manhattan and New Jersey as well.

Statue of liberty


In summary, these entire NYC skylines provide a breathtaking view of the states. While you can visit them as a local or as a tourist to get a glimpse of the beautiful New York.

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