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Bandelier National Monument – Monuments Are For Living Not For Dead

November 9, 2021

In 1150 AD Ancestral village people gathered and build a place to live in and Bandelier National Monument Park is maintaining its pastimes till today for people who come from all around the world to live the experience. The Bandelier National Monument Park was named upon an anthropologist of the 19th century, “Adolph Bandelier”, the park is 33,000 acres of wild desert with narrow canyons, mesas, and pueblo ancestral houses remains. 


Why Plan Your Tour To Bandelier National Monument park: 

To experience wilderness of nature where the winds carry the history of people who lived thousands of years back here. The Bandelier National monument park, is for everyone “a must once visiting spot” either you are an anthropologist or someone who just love to spend time in the antique looked atmosphere. So,  

-It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times- 

Let’s Date Out With Bandelier’s Weather:

The Bandelier national monument park is all four weathered and is just an extraordinarily amazing place to put at the top of your list. Trust me! It is a worth visiting spot and you will surely be going to enjoy your tour out there either sitting or exploring around. You can plan your tour to Bandelier national monument at any season, but just make sure. That you are update with the weather’s condition of the Bandelier national monument before packing up your bags. 

  • Winter, a season of collecting golden moments and memories and If you are of winter lover then you are most welcome to come here as the site is elevated 10,000 feet due to which the atmosphere here is subfreezing with snowfall. But due to it, some trails of the monument close down for your safety and you won’t be able to explore them out. 
  • Every winter has its spring and spring of the Bandelier national monument park is altering one. So, you need to be alert and get ready accordingly as one time the sun shines louder and the other time the storms blow stronger. You will have to pack your backpack in layers to be ready anytime, anywhere. 
  • Autumn  a second spring, when every leaf is the flower and that is true regarding the Bandelier national monument park, the ideal season  for planning your tour and the busiest season of Bandelier as many  visitors are there. The moderate temperature will allow you to  explore around calmly with the lovely chirping sound of birds  relaxing you throughout your journey. 
  • Summer  season is hot as usual as everywhere else and raindrops hit the  ground of the Bandelier national monument park in late summers. 


Home To Wildlife:

The Bandelier national monument park is just not a place with mesas, narrow canyons, or tuff-made hills but also a home for ABOUT 55 diverse wildlife. And you will encounter many of them on your tour. Such as; 

  • Mule   
  • Deer 
  • Mountains  lions 
  • Lizards   
  • Salamanders   
  • Big-horned  sheep 
  • Tarantula 

So, watch out as these creatures might take a tour along with you. Especially those hairy tarantulas that move freely on the ground. So, watch where you step.

bandelier monument

Things To Know & Have Before Stepping Into The Bandelier National Monument Park:

  • Weather  Condition as the Bandelier national monument park is all four seasons’ home.  Just get the information beforehand about the weather condition to  prepare yourself well. As the weather changes a lot there and that  sometimes makes the tour harder to start. 
  • Water Supply; in Bandelier back countries’water supply condition is extremely  inadequate, so carry minimum water along with you just in case of  emergency and remember to keep yourself hydrated as the air of the  Bandelier is extremely dry. 
  • Wildlife the Bandelier is a desert and wildlife is spread everywhere here.  Some common wildlife you might encounter in board daylight will be  deer, big-horned sheep, and tarantulas. Others like mountain lions,  rattlesnakes, black bears, and bobcats are generally found at the  top of mesas. 
  • Permit if you are about to travel and wish to complete your tour within  broad daylight and leave then a permit is not required but for night  stays in Bandelier backcountry you need to have one. 
  • Map:  before starting your tour ensure you have cross-checked the trail maps and conditions. As some trails are damaged due to flash  flooding and some marked on the older map are no  longer maintained and may be impossible to find. Ensure that you have the updated map along with you before hiking in the backcountry of Bandelier.   
  • Camping:  camping  areas are in the region of Bandelier backcountry and campers are advised to keep their food stored in containers. And are suggested to have some bear-resistant containers as the backcountry is a  residential spot for wildlife. 
  • Pass  for entrance:  passes are valid for 7 days and 15 years and younger are free to enter. Almost all areas are under the full access of the visitor. 


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