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20 Fun Things to Do in Villa Del Mar, CA

December 24, 2021

Villa Del Mar From Attractions and Eats to the Beach Being in San Diego, there is plenty of outdoor activities to take part in: you can go hiking or catch a show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. There are just as much beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants as well, and they’re all within walking distance to the best hotels, which you can get into with my discounts.

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  1. Gorgeous Beaches Villa Del Mar

Bottom of Form One of the most important things to remember when traveling to San Diego is that the city is surrounded by beaches. One such beach, Del Mar City Beach, can be found within walking distance of your hotel. If you want to get a true feeling for the energy and history surrounding San Diego, you simply must visit Star of India, a restaurant located in downtown San Diego at 1046 First Avenue.

  1. Local Parks

The public parks in Villa Del Mar, California, include Seagrove Park, by the sea at the end of 15th Street, with lovely grassy lawns and large restrooms that are perfect for holding children’s birthday parties. Powerhouse Park, a bit farther inland, also has plenty of green space and multiple picnic tables—perfect for day-trips and outdoor fun.

  1. San Diego County Fair (Seasonal)

The San Diego County Fair is a summer event that is held annually in the Del Mar county area. During fair season, thousands of local residents and visitors flock to the fair for its carnival-like atmosphere, where they can try exciting new foods, including deep-fried Kool-Aid and deep-fried Oreos. The fair features carnival rides and games, as well as special events that focus on music and local culture.

San Diego County Fair

  1. Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (Seasonal)

Whatever your stance on horseracing, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club belongs on this list because it draws major crowds to Del Mar during the summer racing season. In addition to being a successful track with a long pedigree, Del Mar is also one of the most well-known venues for horse races in Southern California.

  1. Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary provides a safe haven for exotic birds as they await adoption. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor aviaries, giving residents plenty of space to relax and enjoy their days. The sanctuary also provides a number of food stations, so they can enjoy their meals while conversing with visiting enthusiasts.

  1. Go Surfing in Del Mar

While everyone knows that San Diego is the hot spot for people who love to surf, King of the Beach  is an awesome place to experience surfing without a big crowd. Surfers can get lessons from Del Mar Surf School or rent a wet suit, surfboard, or boogie board from Del Mar Surf Rental to take on the waves. If you don’t want to learn how to surf yourself, Rusty Del Mar offers lessons as well.

  1. Go Hiking Villa Del Mar

When you visit Del Mar, CA, the weather is perfect for hiking. Take advantage of the area’s diverse geography — from rolling hills to canyons to cliffs — and enjoy a hike in the great outdoors. Hiking may be enjoyed year round, although during the winter, many trails are closed due to weather conditions. In addition to exploring a variety of trails with varying terrain, hikers have several options for enjoying their inner wildlife enthusiast.

Go Hiking

  1. Play Mini Golf

Pelly’s Mini Golf, located in the heart of Del Mar, is one of the best places to hit the links and play a fun round on some of the best putts and greens around. As a family-friendly place where you and your children can have a great time while also getting some exercise, or as a place for friends to get together, Pelly’s is a wonderful spot.

  1. Go Shopping

When people think of a beach town, they often imagine spending time in small, quaint shops. It is no surprise that Del Mar is a shopper’s paradise. The most popular shopping destinations in the area include Del Mar Plaza and Camino Del Mar, where customers can find everything from souvenir T-shirts to designer clothing. I don’t really feel the need to rewrite this paragraph. It seems fine.

  1. Play Beach Volleyball

Del Mar and the greater San Diego area are host to some of the most well-known beach volleyball events in the world, including the annual Del Mar Invitational. Although Del Mar is famous for its volleyball, there are a number of other attractions worth your time—especially if you’re not as keen on playing volleyball as you are about watching others play. Popular activities include swimming at the beach, surfing, snorkeling, and sailing.

Play Beach Volleyball

  1. Dine On the Beach

However, if you’re set on the beachfront, Poseidon and Jake’s Del Mar are both located on the beach. Poseidon boasts a popular outdoor patio and California cuisine. Pacifica Del Mar offers ocean views from its restaurant and patio. The menu offers mostly seafood with steak, salads, and pasta mixed in (and some pretty good fish tacos as well).

  1. Shop the Del Mar Farmers Market

The Del Mar Farmers Market attracts thousands of tourists and San Diegans every year. The Morning Call spoke to some of the market’s vendors to learn more about what they sell. For instance, the Sizzle & Spice food truck offers an array of different foods ranging from shrimp tacos to chicken and waffles.

  1. Take a Sunset Seat

Sunset seat is a sculpture of a red-tailed hawk perched atop an old Torrey Pine overlooking the ocean. The tree and hawk are carved from one piece of wood, showcasing the old growth that once covered the area. As the sun sets, the bench glows in orange, red, and yellow as it sits atop Del Mar cliffs. It’s a popular photo spot for Instagrammers and photographers alike.

Take a Sunset Seat

  1. Drink Local Brews

Sunset seat is a sculpture of a red-tail hawk perch atop an old Torrey Pine overlooking the ocean. The tree and hawk are carved from one piece of wood, showcasing the old growth that once covered the area. As the sun sets, the bench glows in orange, red, and yellow as it sits atop Del Mar cliffs. It’s a popular photo spot for Instagrammers and photographers alike.

  1. Do Yoga at 17th Street Lifeguard Tower

The lifeguard tower of Ocean Beach is a hub for all activity. In the early morning, it is full with joggers, dog walkers and the occasional surfer. It starts to fill up in the early afternoon with those looking to play beach volleyball. And every Saturday and Sunday it is fill with people who come out to get an early start on their surfing.


Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a nature reserve and state park situated in the northern area of San Diego County, California. The reserve occupies a coastal bluff of the Santa Monica Mountains. Commonly referred to as “the Pine Tree Trail,” hikers can take a 1.5-mile trail to the top of the coastal bluff, where they are reward with views of the ocean, coastal sage scrub and more than 600 Torrey pines.



San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center offers a fantastic opportunity for San Diego residents to enjoy an educational and exciting environment. Bordering Del Mar, this reserve offers over 7 miles of easy to moderate hiking trails that wind throughout the area. Join a guided program or explore on your own to see native animals (birds, butterflies, lizards, and even crabs) in their natural habitat.


Addison’s is home to some of the finest dining in San Diego. The restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere, special seasonal menus that change regularly, and an unparalleled selection of wine. The restaurant also has an expertly trained staff that will be happy to help you select the perfect wine or provide any other service that you need during your dining experience. Addison’s is located at Fairmont Grand Del Mar and is open for both lunch and dinner daily.



With a selection of hot air balloon companies in Del Mar, CA. You can take to the sky and enjoy a new perspective of the city- or county- at large. Most companies offer early morning or late evening rides, giving you a chance to see the sun rise. Over the ocean or set behind the clouds while you float above it all. Some local companies include Compass Balloons, Sky’s the Limit Ballooning, and California Dreamin’.

  1. PLAY GOLF Villa Del Mar

Grand Golf Club is a one-of-a-kind golfing facility where even the most experienced players can improve their game. You’ll find everything you need to improve your game, including 25-driving ranges, a large putting-green, private-lessons from PGA instructors.

PLAY GOLF Villa Del Mar

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