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What to See at Edge, NYC’s Newest Outdoor Observation Deck

July 24, 2022

New York’s the edge nyc Hudson Yards has quickly become one of the top tourist destinations in the city. Its rapid rise in popularity is due in part to Edge — In addition an outdoor sky deck near the top of the tallest building in the complex. Edge just opened in 2020. Located on the 100th level of the building, Edge (often called, “the Edge”) is suspended in mid-air, giving you the unique feeling of floating in the sky. And as the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, in short you’ll get some amazing views of NYC.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything there is to know about visiting Edge, New York’s newest outdoor observation deck. The design of Edge is one-of-a-kind, with multiple exciting features (besides the beautiful view). Here’s what it’s like exploring Edge. Your visit starts at ground level, where the high-speed elevator will take you up to the top in just 52 seconds. Once you reach the top, head outside to the outdoor sky deck. Suspended more than 1,100 feet in the air, the ledge juts out 80 feet from the side of the building. It’s plenty spacious too, boasting 7,500 square feet of space.

In the center of the sky deck is a glass floor, a completely see-through triangle floating 100 stories above the ground. You can look straight down to the city streets below. Walk all the way to the corner edge of the deck, otherwise known as the Eastern Point. And you’ll be surrounded by only the air and sky as you look out at the city beyond you. The glass panels along the edges are angle outward, giving you the thrilling sense of leaning out over the city. View From the Edge Sky Deck. The view from Edge is unbeatable.

From the Hudson Yards western side of Manhattan, you can see all the way from Central Park down to the Statue of Liberty, and beyond. It shows off a panorama of the entire NYC skyline in one gaze. If you walk to the top of the Skyline Steps, you can get an even higher perspective, looking out over the glass panels and past the edge of the deck. The top also features a restaurant on Level 101. Peak is both a sleek, upscale eatery and bar as well as event space. Events at Edge NYC .You can host a private event at Peak if you’re looking for a chic venue. But there are also events on the sky deck the public can join in. Summer time features happenings like sky-high yoga on the outdoor deck and summer cocktails at the champagne bar.


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