La Fortuna Costa Rica
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La Fortuna Costa Rica

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November 3, 2022

La Fortuna Costa Rica is a great place to visit for birdwatching. It’s a protected reserve and a biological corridor for birds, and you can spot more than 450 different species while here. The park also has a two-mile trail with six hanging bridges. You’ll need reservations, but admission is only $26 USD for an adult, $16 for a youth, and free for children ten and under. Thus, closed-toed shoes are required.


Canyoning in La Fortuna Costa Rica is a great way to experience the rugged natural beauty of this area. You will be able to rappel down waterfalls while also experiencing the thrill of white water rapids. This area is also known for its beautiful waterfalls and lush landscapes.

The Lost Canyon is a beautiful canyon filled with tropical waterfalls and is located in La Fortuna. A Desafio adventure guide will fit you with the appropriate equipment and explain the safety procedures. This excursion is accompanied by a typical Costa Rican lunch. The Desafio Adventure Company will also provide you with round-trip transportation to the canyon.

Rappelling down a waterfall is an intense activity that requires physical fitness. Canyoning tours are typically 30 minutes long and include a 30 minute ride in a 4×4 vehicle. Your guide will explain how to safely rappel down the waterfall and ensure that you are safe.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in La Fortuna Costa is a great way to get around this region and experience the country’s natural beauty. You can choose from a variety of riding tours, from a leisurely ride on the beach to a more strenuous trek through the jungle. You can also learn about the indigenous Quepo people and their culture, as well as the wildlife and plants of the area.

The tour begins at Don Adrian’s stable, a half-mile south of the town of La Fortuna. You’ll be given safety equipment and instructions, and then a guide will pick the right horse for you based on your experience level and the type of terrain. The ride will last about 45 minutes, and you’ll hear the sounds of the La Fortuna River and rainforest birds as you ride. Occasionally, you’ll even see monkeys and coatis along the way.


Zip-lining is one of the most popular activities in La Fortuna. If you’re planning a family trip to the area, this is the perfect activity. There are several zip-lining courses available, including two family-friendly options. Zip-lining is best done in dry weather, and there are some locations that are not recommended for wet weather.

Light rain should not be a problem. Zip-lining is a thrilling experience. The guides will help you with your harness and slow you down if you go too fast. They’ll also provide safety training before you begin zip-lining.

Hot Springs

La Fortuna Costa Rica hot springs are a great way to spend the day, as they offer several treatments to heal physical ailments. You can also use them for beauty treatments and relaxation therapy. The water temperature fluctuates between hot and cold for periods, which causes a state of tension and relaxation in your body. The hot springs of La Fortuna are also commonly used in spas and beauty treatments. You can purchase day passes for the spas to enjoy the benefits of the hot springs.

The water temperature begins high in the small waterfall pool and gradually decreases as you walk downstream. Other amenities include a fountain that shoots cool water into the air and picturesque bridges between pools. The pools are both surrounded by palm trees, which provide shade.


The town of La Fortuna Costa Rica is a great place to go shopping if you are in Costa Rica. This small town is nestled at the base of the Arenal Volcano and features many shops and restaurants. The town center is fairly compact and is built around a beautiful Central Park. If you’re looking for a souvenir, you can check out the numerous art galleries and souvenir shops in La Fortuna. Several of these stores feature original artwork from local and national artists, as well as items from various Costa Rican sub-cultures.

The La Fortuna art gallery, located next to the Hotel Las Colinas, is an excellent place to buy a souvenir. In addition to shopping, La Fortuna has four main grocery stores. One of the most popular stores is “Pali” (one of many stores in Central America), a local grocery store, the large Super Christian chain, and a smaller, local grocery store, Super Rosvil.

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