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Virginia Beaches

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October 29, 2022

Virginia is home to some beautiful beaches. Located on the Eastern Shore, they are a great way to spend the day. Many beaches offer activities such as surfing, boogie boarding, and water sports. There are also many events held year-round, as well as fun nightlife. There are many attractions to visit, too, including the King Neptunes statue and a three-mile boardwalk.

First Landing State Park

Recreational opportunities abound in First Landing State Park, Virginia’s first planned state park. Located in the independent city of Virginia Beach, the state park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Seashore State Park Historic District. The park offers an assortment of water sports and activities, including fishing, golf, sailing, and paddle boarding.

In 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps built the first camping facilities, visitor contact stations, and trails. By 1936, the state park had six units and grew to 2888 acres. Additional lands were acquired through donations and the Federal government’s Fort Story project. Today, First Landing State Park features 20 miles of hiking trails, a 1.5-mile beach, and cabins and campsites. It is also home to the Chesapeake Bay Center, where you can view exhibits and learn about the region’s natural history.

Near the site where the first English settlers landed in 1607, First Landing State Park offers a variety of recreational activities. Cabins, camping areas, fishing piers, and a public beach are available. The park also features over 19 miles of hiking trails, and over 31 kilometers of biking and horseback riding trails. There is a fee to stay overnight at a cabin, but the park has a wide range of lodging options for any budget.

Bethel Beach

Bethel Beach is located in Mathews County, Virginia. This public beach is an ideal place to enjoy swimming and other water activities. It’s also a popular destination for bird watching, with over 180 species of birds calling the area home. Bethel Beach’s shallow water makes it a safe place to swim.

There are plenty of activities to keep families and friends entertained. The Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge is close by. You can see numerous species of birds at this protected sanctuary, including herons, hawks, and peregrine falcons. It’s also a good spot to enjoy the view of the sunrise or sunset over the water.

Croatan Beach

Croatan Beach in Virginia is a small, quiet residential beach that stretches about three-quarters of a mile from Rudee Inlet to Camp Pendleton. It is a popular spot for surfers. During the summer months, the beach is staffed with lifeguards, who patrol the entire beachfront. The beach is also patrolled by an ATV vehicle donated by local residents, providing more extensive coverage.

Dogs are allowed on the beach but must be leashed. There is not a lot of space on the shoreline and sand, so it isn’t a good place for walking dogs. There are also serious restrictions for recreational activities south of Camp Pendleton, and anyone found violating these rules is likely to be arrested.

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Croatan, consider renting a house. There are several properties in the area with amenities such as washers and dryers. Most of these rentals are located on the beach and are only a couple blocks from the boardwalk. Croatan is also close to the Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virginia Beach Water Park, and the Boardwalk.

Lake Anna

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Lake Anna is an excellent destination. This lake is home to more than nine thousand acres of surface water and more than 200 miles of shoreline. It’s Virginia’s third largest lake and a top choice for water lovers. Visitors to Lake Anna will find clean water and proven year-round fishing opportunities.

Lake Anna offers a relaxing, laid-back vibe that will appeal to many vacationers. The lake is popular with water sports enthusiasts and sunbathers alike. It’s also just a short drive from Washington D.C., making it a smart real estate investment. The town topped a recent Vacasa report of the best places to buy waterfront property.

The lake is surrounded by historic areas. Annapolis County, which surrounds Lake Anna, has numerous historic markers and small town stores that have interesting stories to tell. You can also visit historic church cemeteries to get a personal view of the town’s history.

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