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Walking along the cobbled streets in Ferrara, Italy

August 27, 2023

With Aperitivo hour rolling in, and one distracted-by-architecture crash under my belt already, it was time to park up our bicycles and settle in for a Spritz, and our now nightly pre-dinner snack fest. Janet as well as I been exploring ferrara italy on bicycles and on streets of cobbled Roman roads to the Renaissance palace.

Ferrara may not be as well-known to tourists as Bologna, Modena, or other destinations to visit within Emilia Romagna, but it is a great day trip from Bologna or an unplanned overnight stay if you indulge in a few too many Spritzs and don’t catch the last train… My fault.

A city that is relatively compact Ferrara’s architecture reveals two stories about its past. With Renaissance and Roman architecture and art to commemorate it, ferrara italy is undoubtedly more likely to attract those who are who are interested in its past, as opposed to the food scene that is more common elsewhere in Emilia Romagna gastronomic destinations.

However, there are a lot of hip bars and delicious restaurants to try, and thanks to the huge University It also has an energetic and youthful vibe than other cities nearby.

Things to do in Ferrara

The time we spent here was sluggish and we took our time taking pleasure in the sights of ferrara italy and made a few stops for prosecco or gelato al fresco in the summer sun. Ferrara will not exhaust you as other city-based day excursions and exploring the city on bicycles is a great method to make the most of an afternoon trip from Bologna. This is a brief description of the things we did during our day trip to Ferrara however there are many more museums and stunning architectural structures to take in if you stay more time here.


Este Castle

The true star in Ferrara lies in the Este Palace which is surrounded by its moat, and soaring in the middle of the city’s old.

From the top it is possible to find your way around, so begin your journey here with a view, particularly since you’ll be able to find numerous bike rental places close by.

The ceilings inside are simply stunning amazing, so stunning that mirrors are strategically place all over the place, to ensure that you don’t end up with an injury to your neck that will last forever by looking up all the time. Each room is awe-inspiring with its own art, and the terraces, which are adorn with orange trees, offer a different perspective of what life been in the palace.

The Este family was in control from the 13th until the 16th century, and you can learn more about their connections to the Lombardy region, and further into Germany.

Cathedral of Ferrara

The Catholic Cathedral of ferrara italy is a joy both outside and inside. The intricate and striking design of the exterior is common throughout northern Italy particularly in Emilia Romagna I discover on my long journeys around the region however this particular cathedral is unique due to the tower that is located at the back, and the long archways that lead from the sides.

Diamanti Palace

Although you might not want to make another castle or palace visit the future, The Diamanti Palace is quite unique due to the marble blocks that create the striking appearance.

The name is a reference to that distinctive feature that is the diamond-like patterns that the marble exterior design boasts. In the palace, visitors will see a variety of art mostly by local artists from this city of universities, that covers more than 600 years.

Diamanti Palace

Palazzo Municipale and Piazza Savonarola

Colorful streets connect these to squares, with one boasting the Cathedral and the other, the Etse Palace.

Both are fantastic spots to sit down for an a bit more costly drink and a snack than the nearby street, however the excitement and the beauty of the architecture make up for the extra few cents.

National Archaeological Museum

The stunning building, which is built around a courtyard built in the 16th century, is worthy of a visit just to see the architecture, even if you’re not keen on the exhibits displayed inside.

It is a classic illustration of the stunning Renaissance architecture that spans ferrara italy and houses a fascinating Greek collection of art behind its doors.

The city walls

One of the best things to do while riding a bicycle, or on foot when you have time to do so, is to walk along the city walls that are almost complete, unlike many cities in Emilia Romagna such as Bologna which is where only the gates are still there

the city walls

Volte Street

The medieval street is one of the most popular attractions in Ferrara and, while it’s a delight to stroll along and take in it won’t really consume too much of your time since the original part that is preserved doesn’t take very long.

However, make sure to stop by for a photo and to be amazed by the differences in architectural style compared to the Renaissance structures.

Ferrara Synagogue

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the Ferrara Synagogue is closed currently due to damage from a earthquake in the past few years. I was only aware of this when I attempted to go there, but I hope the time will come when it will reopen as it is the only remaining Synagogue within the town.

It is believed that the Jewish area of Ferrara was among the biggest in the country and, during Ferrara’s Este administration of Ferrara the city remained among the most diverse of religious cities of what is now the present day Italy. So, I am hoping they will be able to preserve the history in ferrara italy and, more importantly, repair the damage caused by earthquakes.

Canale di Burano

It’s not the type of canal that is often confused with the likes of Venice because the setting isn’t as old nor glamorous however, on a summer evening, when we went it, it was a great location for a romantic sunset and to enjoy the vibrant university vibe of the city.

We came across a pop-up bar and restaurant in the area, which had live music being played while people were seated on deck chairs. There are also vessels, like Sebastian Pub Ferrara, along the river that are now converted into venues for drinking or eating.

Although it’s not an attraction to this city, for me I did enjoy the urban vibe of our evening here particularly as a nice alternative to the classic evenings that are surrounded by such a rich history.

Canale di Burano

You should be aware of: Ferrara

Some tips and ideas to help you plan your trip to Ferrara more manageable.

Where can you stay in Ferrara with a tight budget The Hotel Daniela provides clean, basic rooms just a few kilometers from Ferrara’s old town starting at about EUR30 for a night during the off-season.

The best places is the best place to stay in Ferrara as a baller In Ferrara’s city centre, The Alchimia is a beautiful hotel that blends traditional and classic design with contemporary touches. The building was built in the 15th century and has wooden ceilings with beamed ceilings, and in certain rooms, frescoes decorating the ceilings above the beds. It’s an amazing piece of history to be experienced when you stay in Ferrara.

How do you get to Ferrara The nearest Airport to Ferrara is Bologna and Rimini can be another alternative within Rimini, which is in the Emilia Romagna region. From Bologna it is possible to take the bus (direct to the terminal) or train connection for Ferrara at the station central in less than 30 minutes. Travelling from Bologna is about an hour.

Emilia Romagna’s Hidden Gems

What to do After Ferrara After you’ve explored Ferrara I would highly recommend that you explore more of the Emilia Romagna region. Brisighella is a beautiful village with towers and olive oil is a great day trip, and several cities that are located in Emilia Romagna such as Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma are great day trips from Bologna. Naturally, you shouldn’t skip a trip to Bologna the stunning capital city of the region.

Accessibility to Ferrara: Ferrara is a fairly flat city. most of the city is made of stone, though there are cobbled streets too. The main square as well as the smaller streets that lead away from it are home to numerous bars and restaurants. More information is available through Ferrara or Emilia Romagna tourism boards. Ferrara and Emilia Romagna tourism boards. Unfortunately, the information does not appear as readily available as Bologna.

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