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Angela Peralta Theater

March 28, 2022

Who is Famous for Her Tragic Love Affair Exile, an Extremely Uncomfortable Wedding.

In the center of Mazatlan’s historic city the Angela Peralta Theater is a elegant opera house name for an iconic Mexican singer. love singers. Whose tangled life (and death) story is about a scandalous romance, yellow fever and a very uncomfortable wedding.

Maria Manuela Tranquilina de Los Angeles Cirila Efrena Peralta Castera. Aka Angela Peralta (1845-1883) was a famous soprano and composer, harpist and pianist. Her early fame was squelch when she started having an affair. With the manager of her Julian Montiel y Duarte in the 1870s. The marriage was the result of her unhappy wedding to her cousin.

Who passed away in the Paris mental institution at about the same period. Peralta along with her supervisor’s relationship was so unpopular with religious people in the city. Where Peralta was born and hometown of Mexico City that the so-called “Mexican Nightingale” was soon slam by the hired hecklers and threatened bans on her performances completely.

Despite the setbacks and vowing not to return to Mexico City again. (A vow she kept) Peralta’s talent gave her a chance of success that lasted. At the age of 38 Peralta arrived in Mazatlan to a rousing reception and was greeted. By the town’s enthusiastic fans but she died of yellow fever shortly after as did 76 of her troupe’s colleagues and many other residents of Mazatlan.

Perhaps the most odd aspect of Peralta’s tragic tale is her final wedding. Peralta was already in a state of unconsciousness (and likely dead) when she got to engage to Julian Montiel y Duarte. Evidently, a different singer in her company called Lemus did not hesitate to nod Peralta’s head with satisfaction when the chaplain asked whether Peralta was able to accept Julian for her husband. It could that the whole thing was facilitate since Peralta’s death certificate was file but not filed until the bizarre posthumous wedding occurred.

Despite her tragic story of community shame as well as a morbid nuptials Peralta’s legendary voice. Lives within the Mazatlan theater which is the name after her. It was built in 1874 and was dubbed the Rubio Theater the grand opera house which is today. The most prestigious performance venue in the city had been in decline since the 1920s after the owner realized. That the elaborate theater would be the most profitable to rent films, as well as hosting circuses and boxing matches. In the 1960s the theater was inaccessible. After decades of being shut down the theater was fully restored by 1992. It brought it back to its beautiful operatic roots.

Though she didn’t perform there by herself, since its reconstruction. The Angela Peralta Theater has remained the main attraction in Mazatlan and has been a major contributor. The programs of high quality and standard that lends credence to the name Peralta’s.

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