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Make a trip Guide to Dagestan: Welcome to Russia’s Wild West!

June 3, 2022

As frequently is the Dagestan situation with outside what might be expected objections all over the planet, they can be notable by outsiders for every one of some unacceptable reasons. Dagestan is an extraordinary illustration of this. In the last part of the 1990s and mid 2000s, Dagestan started enlisting on outsiders’ radars in light of the overflow of the Chechen conflicts into the area. Then, at that point, when things balanced out post-war, Dagestan’s grapplers hit the global scene, arriving at its zenith when Khabib Nurmagomedov crushed Irishman Conor MacGregor for the UFC big showdown in 2018. Today, most outsiders partner “Dagestan” with Khabib and his sheep fleece cap.


While Khabib’s ascent to popularity is to be recognized, this stows away what Dagestan really could be all most popular for: its extraordinary mountain scenes, entrancing history, semantic variety, and unique neighborliness towards visitors. However, one-sided as we may be towards the whole North Caucasus, we must tell the truth: Dagestan is the diamond of all movement objections in the area. Why, you inquire? Continue to peruse to find out!

1. How would I get to Dagestan?

Dagestan used to be a stop on the old Silk Road, and subsequently is situated at the junction of Europe and Asia. There are a plenty of ways of arriving, which may all be essential for the actual experience.

A. Plane –

There are everyday homegrown and worldwide trips to Dagestan’s capital, Makhachkala (MCX). Which most would consider to be normal, there are a lot of everyday departures from Moscow, from each of the 3 air terminals (SVO, DME, and VKO). You can likewise fly here from Rostov, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tyumen, and a few different objections inside Russia. Worldwide flights travel every which way routinely from Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (UAE), and Aktau (Kazakhstan). Check flight locales for careful takeoff urban areas and recurrence of flights.

B. Train –

Dagestan is Russia’s uttermost southern republic and consequently borders Azerbaijan. There are ordinary trains to/from Baku, that you can take to/from Derbent and Makhachkala (gave you have visas to both Russia and Azerbaijan). Normal trains to Makhachkala can take from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Mineralni Vody in the Central Caucasus. Be ready, however; a train from St. Petersburg to Makhachkala will require around 40–50 hours!

C. Vehicle –

Despite being lined toward the east by the Caspian Sea, and toward the south/west by the apparently invulnerable Caucasus Mountain range, Dagestan is still truly available via vehicle. From the south, vehicles are permitted to cross the Russian line into Dagestan from Azerbaijan. Aside from the north, Dagestan is open by expressway both from the Astrakhan Oblast and Stavropol Krai. From the west, there is a very much voyaged government thruway from Chechnya that enters Dagestan at Khasavyurt. To wrap things up, there are mountain streets into Dagestan, most remarkably from Chechnya at Lake Kezenoy-am, into the Botlikh region. Most doors in Dagestan will have government security designated spots, which is typical for the more noteworthy Caucasus area. However long your reports are all together (identification, visa, enrollment w/inn, relocation card), all will be great.
D. Ship/boat – Despite the mind blowing access the Caspian Sea provides for Dagestan from such countless nations, there is NO voyage or ship choice to Dagestan from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, or one more city from inside Russia. As a matter of fact, past the conspicuous ocean side swimming regions on its coast among Makhachkala and Derbent, Dagestan’s coast is viewed as a “line zone” with these far off nations, since the Caspian Sea domain doesn’t all have a place with Russia. Thusly, adhere to the recently examined choices as you plan your movement to Dagestan.

2. Where would it be advisable for me to remain?

Dagestan is a major spot to visit with loads of spots to remain, so the choices here are unending. Inn and guesthouse framework is growing quickly both in the swamps and the mountains; this is a positive indication of Dagestan’s reaction to expanding quantities of travelers consistently. Here are a few fundamental suggestions of spots to remain in the primary urban communities as well as additional remote pieces of the mountains:

A. Makhachkala –

As Dagestan’s capital and the biggest city in the North Caucasus, regular you’ll go through no less than one night here. Suggested inns incorporate however are not restrict to:

a) 4-star – Comfortable and lavish – Jacques
b) 3-star – Lower spending plan, in the city – Central City, 1001 Nights, Krepost

B. Derbent –

The most old city in the Caucasus is a must-visit in Dagestan. The following are two quality inns for your visit there: Alie Parusa (on the Caspian Sea Coast) and Evropa (downtown area).

C. Gunib –

This mountain town is an incredible choice to base out of for a few evenings, as you visit encompassing towns and areas including Chokh, Gamsutl, Gotsatl, Goor, Khakhib, and the sky is the limit from there. Gunib has new inns being construct every year, so you’re certain to track down housing here. An agreeable lodging with huge grounds is Orlinoye Gnezdo in Gunib itself, as well as the curious EtnoDom in neighboring Chokh.

D. Akhti –

This bumpy Lezgi town in the furthest south of Dagestan isn’t on most sightseers’ radar, however is open from Derbent (1.5 hrs.), and has an agreeable 3-star in Samur to remain at.

E. Visitor Homes in Mountain Villages – Many vacationers will stop in Dagestan’s towns, notable for their hand-made merchandise, like blades, earthenware, flatware, woodwork, floor coverings, and so on. In practically these towns no matter what, you’ll find a visitor house glad to get you, whether in Kubachi, Balkhar, Untsukul, and so on. The majority of these guesthouses either have an Instagram page or next to zero English-language publicizing, and can be hard to track down on the off chance that you don’t communicate in Russian or aren’t going with a neighborhood guide/visit office. On the off chance that guesthouses are full, a neighborhood Dagestani will frequently be exceptionally glad to get you as a visitor in their home, as this is view as a significant privilege among the cordial individuals of the locale.

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