Hmong New Year
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Hmong New Year Festival in Laos

June 1, 2022

By and large, the hmong new year festivity was make to express gratefulness to precursors and spirits as well as to invite in a fresh start.

During the Hmong New Year festivity, the Hmong ball throwing match-up Pov Pob is a typical movement for young people. Young men and young ladies structure two separate lines two by two that are straightforwardly confronting each other. Young ladies can ball throw with different young ladies or young men, yet young men can’t ball throw with other young men. Throwing the ball to a person of a similar clan is likewise untouchable. The matches throw a fabric ball this way and that, until one part fails. On the off chance that a player drops or misses the ball, a trimming or thing is give to the contrary player in the pair. Adornments are recuperate by singing affection melodies to the contrary player.

In House

The Hmong New Year festivity — explicitly founded on both strict and social convictions — is an “in-house” custom that happens every year in each Hmong family. The festival is to recognize the fruition of the rice-gathering season — in this way, the start of another year — so another life can start as the pattern of life proceeds. During this festival, each “meandering” soul of each and every relative is gotten back to join with the family once more and the youthful will respect the old or the parents in law — a custom of requesting favors from elderly folks of the house and faction as well as the parents in law of different tribes.

House Spirits

Likewise, during the Hmong New Year festivity, house spirits as well as the soul of abundance are regard. What’s more, in the event that a shaman is in the house, the recuperating spirits of She-Yee are likewise respect and deliver to meander the land until they are got back to just after new year. Hmong New Year endures just for three days — with 10 dishes of food every day, for a sum of 30 dishes — hence the Hmong saying “eat 30.”

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