Hot Air Balloon Orlando

Hot Air Balloon Rides within the Disney Area of Orlando

March 18, 2022

Orlando Balloon rides let you experience Orlando from a different perspective by taking a spectacular hot balloon flight across Disney World and enjoy the attractions throughout the city. In 1985, Orlando Balloon Rides are among the top reputable adventure companies in Orlando and among the largest hot-air balloon operators.

Every ride starts with inflating. A thrilling twenty minutes watching your balloon rise to life, before you take off in the air. The balloons are able to rise beyond the treetops, and even upwards to 1,000 feet up into the sky.

Orlando Balloon Rides Orlando Balloon Rides of the highlights from. 53 Things to do within Orlando (Read everything details about Orlando there)

The typical ride lasts about 1 hour, and it takes you through the orange groves themes parks. The groves of oranges, and swamp forests which make Florida the most unique of destinations. The rides start at sunrise, which is when the weather is beautiful and the wind is gentle which gives you one of the best perspectives of Orlando cityscape as well as the surrounding region.

Hot Air Balloon Orlando are accessible throughout the year. However, you must book in advance if there is the day that you would like to travel on. If the weather fails to comply with safety requirements, then the ride may be cancelled. Therefore, ensure that you are inform of how your trip is going by calling Flight Line the night before.

A ticket for an adult costs about 195 in the course of the week, and $225 during the weekend. A ticket for a child (between 4 and 10 an age) is $99 in the week, and $109 during the weekend.

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