Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
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Hurricane Harbor Phoenix – Thrilling Water Park

October 26, 2021

While a lot of people will avoid going to a theme park when there’s a chance of rain, the folks at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix have a few tips for making the most of your day in the water park, even if it’s raining. From eating the right foods before you go to finding out what rides are closed and when, we’ve got you covered.


What to wear at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

Before you go, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. At Hurricane Harbor, you’ll spend the entire day on your feet and walking around, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes that will be able to last the entire day. You’ll also want to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and possibly ruined. Here are some Walmart prices for all your hurricane essentials if you’re not sure where to start:

  • Electric Boogaloo Bay Rail: $12.99
  • rails and pulleys: $10-$35
  • Perflatable Boogie: $10-$25
  • Kayak Rentals: $13.25-$39
  • Kayak Salsa: $8-$12
  • Kayak Umbrella: $8-$12
  • Ladies Water Bottles: $12-15
  • Pony Shower: $10-$30

Before you go – we recommend you to visit the zoo, because you will almost certainly forget anything you buy there, and the zoo keeps fresh food and toys and it will be awesome to have something to remember you by (and have somewhere to go once you get back.)

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Choosing the right food before going to Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

If you’re planning to go to Hurricane Harbor, make sure to eat before you go. You’ll want to save room for the rides and the fun, but you’ll also want to make sure you don’t get hungry because food options are limited at the park. If you’ve got a little extra time, check out the arsenal of wardrobe-snacking options available at the Orange / White water park, which are ideal for when you’re expecting churro and donuts at 11 a.m.


1. Taking the Kids on Vacation

Water parks let you bring your family on vacation, which means your kids can go to water parks on their own and enjoy a holiday away from the daily grind. Many of the water parks feature arcade games, calm water and BBQ-friendly dining. If you have the money, splurge on a vacation with Disney, which has been known to have a large family welcome area. Another worthwhile option for bringing the kids on vacation is Great Clips Water Park in Houston, Texas. Their weekends include crafts and fun for the whole family. This option isn’t cheap, but it could be well worth it if you have the extra cash.

2. Working Your Way Around

Water parks offer plenty of opportunities to work your way around, whether you’re just visiting the area to visit friends, or you’re planning a larger trip. For instance, if you’re visiting Disneyland, there will be plenty of information and shopping surrounding the theme park for you to get at. Water parks also offer a great way to explore the surrounding area. Go on a family fishing charter on Lake Michigan or check out one of the rafting trails. Whatever you decide, make sure you take plenty of water to keep in shape and avoid getting sick on the trip.

3. What rides are open at Hurricane Harbor in the rain?

If you go to the theme park on a rainy day, you’ll want to know which rides are open. If you’re looking to go to the theme park, the best thing to do would be to check the weather report for that day. You can check the weather report on AccuWeather or The Weather Channel. If you have to make a quick visit, the entrance may be a little slower than usual, but it’s good to keep showing up. Finally, if you have to do any dressing up, look for items at the theme park rental shops. They sell items like wetsuits and backpacks.

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Jolly Roger Cruises

If you loved the Death To Tomorrow and Jack and the Beanstalk town boat rides with Mickey and friends, you’ll love the boat ride on the Jolly Roger. There’s no reason to ride in the water and there’s only two slides in the boat, but it is totally worth it. Around $79, it’s pricey, but the kids love it. Now that Mickey and Ruth and Stitch have friends in the boat, they have to not only slow down but stop for a while when they are traveling. Whew!

Maui Moku Tai

While it might not be the best family-friendly theme park, there are some great things to do during your trip to Maui. You can rent a kayak around the lake or rent paddleboards from one of the tour guides. You have the option of riding monster trucks or playing volleyball with the Maui Girls. These rides cost between $10-$40 each or you can rent them for the entire day for around $75. If you want to go the paddle boarding route, the price is $25 for an hour or you can rent kayaks for around $50 each. When your day is done, you only have to pay for the difference between the price of the day you bought your paddleboard and the price of the day you took the kayak.

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