Iberostar Grand Paraiso
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Amazing Things You Need To Know About Iberostar Grand Paraiso

December 20, 2021

Iberostar Grand Paraiso. Specifically, A stay at the Ritz-Carlton, San Juan is an experience like no other, where escape and relaxation are just around the corner. Each of the hotel’s elegant rooms and suites provides a luxurious and comforting environment, with only the highest standard in accommodations and attention to detail.

Professional staff members are on hand to care for your every need 24 hours a day, ensuring that you will never want to leave. Discover Iberostar Aliveness, our new concept that allows you to rediscover your body and mind. Have a spa session or take part in any of the 5 senses-awakening activities at the resort, or just have a meal in one of our five themed restaurants.

We have facilities in place to make your dreams come true. An 18-hole golf course by P.B. Dye lets you hit the links no matter how busy you are, and we’ve got a pool for every day of the year, so you can dream about which one to spend the day at. Or maybe you’d rather sign up for a class on diving or sailing.


10 Things to know about Iberostar Grand Paraiso

  • The Iberostar Grand Paraiso resort is an adults-only all-inclusive resort, located on the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. The resort is part of a larger five resort complex, with four other family resorts within the chain. The overall experience was fantastic. We stayed in a cabana which was large and had a beautiful ocean view from its balcony.
  • We offer several different room types. The entry-level suites are very spacious and feature large bathrooms, with a shower and tub. They all have a television, climate control, and two phone lines.


  • Whether you’re solo or traveling with a group, many resorts offer two-bed suites. And hey, if you have friends coming in for a visit, flexible booking options make it easy to accommodate them.
  • Specifically, The buffet is great. I am not a buffet person, but the food was so delicious and fresh, I kept coming back for more. There was a large selection of international cuisine and the desserts and fruit were fantastic. The service was good too.
  • The Latelier restaurant has some weird dishes. I can tell they are trying to be avant-garde, but tuna tartare isn’t supposed to be served with strawberry soup.
  • A trip to the Grand Hotel Waikoloa Village is like showing up at the best party ever. The other resorts are within walking distance from the property and are all connected by a central pathway that links you to other resorts offered by Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts. This allows you to experience their many amenities like a different dining option and a lively poolside bar.


  • The resort had a lot of amenities to offer. The dining options were varied and delicious, the bars were well stocked, and the nightclub was a prime spot for nighttime relaxation. Our favorite restaurants were the taco stand and the gelato shop. We also found that the burger bar offered some of the best food on-site. You’ll want to visit the souvenir shop before you leave as well as the fully-stocked spa.
  • The pool grill was a hit with pool patrons, who came from all over to try the different proteins and other imported ingredients. The chefs seemed to enjoy the challenge of getting creative with the grill, but some customers complained about the Grill Master’s brusque attitude.
  •   If you don’t like the rain, then Bali is not your place. It rains a lot in Bali, especially during the monsoon season. But one thing that would make our guests happy is an indoor pool at the resort. They will be able to swim or relax while it rains outside, and it’ll be a great place to take photos!

Iberostar Grand Paraiso

  • We’ll never run out of drinks to try if we stick to one drink type. Example, those who prefer wine find themselves with an endless-selection of merlot, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon at the local bar. If we like beer, we can try different brands and types every time we go to a bar or brewery.

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