kimball farm


July 28, 2022


Yesterday’s farm outing took us to Kimball farm. About 15 minutes away from us in Westward, Kimball farm is a local mini golf, arcade, golf, bumper boat and fabulous ice cream kind of place. I equate it to high-end Boondocks with a TON more charm. Very pretty, like walking around a botanical garden. The place was crowded but the boys and I had a nice time together and the ice cream was to die for! Phone died halfway through so the only pics to share are from mini golf.

Kimball Farm Boys Also Not Nice New Haircuts, Looking Sharp

Bug bite update — turns out the bug was vegetation in the name of poison ivy. Yes! I have a nasty case of poison ivy, pretty much reeking havoc on my system. Finally got in to see a doctor and they have hooked me up. Hopefully I can better try to avoid the poison ivy in the future. I most of come across it in yard work. Better hire a gardener. LOL.

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