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Mini adventures in micro countries: a quick guide to Europe’s smallest nations

August 24, 2023

Adventures are available in different shapes and sizes and as smallest country in europe demonstrate, bigger does not always mean more. All across Europe there are half dozen micro-countries, every one of the tiny states has something unique for all kinds of travelers.

When you first think of micro-states in Europe Your mind likely is drawn to tiny Vatican City, the smallest nation on earth. However, the Vatican is, in reality just one of the many micro-countries to explore in Europe. A lot of these places are easily combined with visits to the countries that border them which means you can increase your number of countries in a single trip and also explore the lesser-known cities of Europe.

It’s whether you’re hitting the slopes in Andorra in winter or relaxing on the beaches of Malta in the summer, or being amaze by the extraordinary facts that are San Marino, where the entire historical centre is UNESCO classified, these countries demonstrate that quality is more important than the quantity.

Andorra A Smallest Country In Europe

The sixth-smallest country within Europe is also the sole one I haven’t yet visited as of yet. I was actually, scheduled to visit the week following, but unfortunately plans didn’t go as planned.

It is located between France between France and Spain in between France and Spain, in the Pyrenees Mountain Range The official spoken language is neither French or Spanish however it is Catalan because of the neighboring Spanish area of Catalunya.

It is primarily an European winter getaway due to the alpine landscape and perfect skiing conditions (it is one of the top altitude cities in Europe) It is a stunning all year round destination thanks to its stunning mountains, the affluent shops (and frequently duty-free shops) as well as its blend of healthy cuisine as well as thermal baths.

If you don’t have having a vehicle, it’s easy to travel from the Spanish side by taking a flight to one of the best cities in Spain, Barcelona or Girona. However, it’s not an easy trip for a day and you’ll probably want to stay at least a night in Spain, and not rush and simply’mark it off your list’.


 Liechtenstein Another Smallest Country In Europe

As with many micro-countries in Europe, Liechtenstein isn’t part of the European Union, but it is a part of the borderless travel Schengen zone, which makes it a simple side trip by bus or train from Zurich and covered under Schengen Visa. Schengen Visa. It’s so simple to travel to Liechtenstein which is border by Switzerland and Austria and Austria, that I landed in the country completely through accident.

After a trip in Zurich I took the train to explore some of Switzerland’s famed landscape, and when the train came to a stop with a bus that was schedule to go to another country, I decided I needed to get off and take a day excursion to this country!

The bus swiftly takes passengers to Vaduz, the capital city, Vaduz which is located on the Rhine River, where mountains and greenery line the bike-friendly streets, under the surveillance of the palace of the royal family, Vaduz Castle, dating back to the 12th century. The museum of modern art within the city also worthwhile to visit.

Like its neighbors the beauty of Liechtenstein is found in nature with castles, vineyards and awe-inspiring mountains await. While Vaduz is a simple day trip, to truly enjoy the natural beauty of Liechtenstein it is necessary to stay longer.

The 75km trek along this relatively brand new Liechtenstein Trail will show you the best of the country during the summer, but by winter, the main reason to visit is skiing. The network of cycling and hiking trails are well-marked, and the fresh mountain air makes a great alternative to a city trip in Zurich.

Do you want a unique passport stamp that you can take with you? You can purchase one at the tourist information center.



Malta could be a surprising candidate on the list of Europe micro-states, because it has seven stunning islands in its archipelago, and a large population Many people aren’t aware that it’s a micro-state at all.

Since 1974, Malta is a proud republic and is an official part of the European Union, unlike many other countries listed. Although it gained its freedom from U.K. nearly sixty years ago, what struck me upon my visit Malta was just how British it is still, partly because of the bars for parties located in St Julien full of British tourists, and the sheer number of people from the UK who reside here.

If you can escape the nightclub packed streets during the summer, it’s an amazing destination to explore, and is full of history and served in bite-sized portions.

Valletta is the capital city of Malta is a tiny city that you can walk around it within a couple of hours, however, this city with a wall is an absolute gem in terms of museums and architecture. Make sure to visit Valletta’s Upper Barrakka Gardens, a stunning mix of flowers and arches surrounded by a battery and the elaborate Grandmasters Palace. A visit to Mdina which is the capital of the island’s medieval city should not be misse.

Gozo is the second island in Malta easily accessible via ferry. It was by far my favorite destination, despite. I adored the laidback atmosphere that surrounded Xlendi Bay, where I was staying. Unfortunately, the iconic image that is the Azure Window fell down in the past few years however, the coastline, beaches and rock formations remain breathtaking, and Malta as a micro country, could offer the most diverse of the countries listed.



Although Monaco may be an epoch located on the south coast of France but it doesn’t shy away from its claims to fame. It’s everywhere from the Formula One race, which is held in the city itself (you may see the race’s markings on the streets during your visit) and the world-renown Monte Carlo Casino and harbour filled with luxury yachts, Monaco is definitely a must-see for those with a large budget and is the perfect way to end your weekend getaway in France.

However, personally for me personally, Monaco did not impress me that much as there’s not many activities to enjoy here as a tourist on an extended visit. However, you can make a day trip by visiting the palace of the prince, Palais du Prince, wandering through the gardens and the grand Cathedral or simply taking in a fine meal and gambling.

While Monaco is the only micro-country I would not rush to suggest a full excursion to, it’s the perfect addition to a trip on the French Riviera as train connections between the cities of Nice as well as Cannes are frequent.


 San Marino

The tiny nation in San Marino is surround by Italy and borders the stunning areas that comprise Marche as well as Emilia Romagna, where the famous old city is located on the summit of Mount Titano. The second-smallest nation in Europe and the fifth-smallest nation in the world, it has many interesting peculiarities.

The oldest sovereign republic and state around the globe, San Marino fascinated me by its many facts. It is, for one thing, not an official member of the E.U. however, it does use the Euro and even has some of its own embossed currency. The country also has two calendars: the local one that uses the dates the time of its founding as well as the international one. There are the presidency of two at given time, and they only serve in the office for a period of six months.

Beyond these distinctive facts about the micro-country and the surprisingly diverse and bizarre museum collection The old city also is located on high up on the mountain, with stunning views of San Marino and Italy’s hidden treasures, particularly from the three towers, which are the icons of the country.

It is possible to visit San Marino as a day excursion from Bologna however, I highly suggest spending for the night there. San Marino as part of an extended weekend within Bologna and Emilia Romagna, so you are able to experience the wonder of the sunset as well as the streets becoming still in the early morning, without day-trippers.

San Marino

 Vatican City

The smallest nation in Europe as well as in the world, can be located in Italy. It is home to the Vatican City State. Vatican City State is under 0.2 square miles and is obviously, the home of the Pope in the Apostolic Palace. The number of people living in Vatican City is under one thousand. You’ll need to purchase and reserve your Vatican Tickets at least a month in advance for entry.

If you happen to be close to Rome it is likely that you’ll be tempted to visit the Vatican however, be aware that purchasing tickets in advance can make the process much simpler. There are two ways to enter the city that tourists will need and the entrance is located in the north to The Museum and the east gate to St. Peter’s Basilica.

As a city with walls, it’s not a place you can just go to for a visit and have a look around, but a trip of it is a must. Vatican Museum is one of magnificent architecture and art. It houses an amazing collection of artefacts and frescoes and the main attraction for many visitors being the famous Michelangelo artwork in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

 Vatican City

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