Things To Do In Ajman
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Things To Do In Ajman

September 13, 2021

There’s a lot to do in the UAE, no doubt about that. But there’s also a lot to do in the northern emirates and outlying areas. One such area is Ajman, often overlooked for its more popular neighbors, but just as beautiful and full of activity when it comes down to it.

What to do in Ajman

Things To Do In Ajman

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Ajman, and I’m not too sure about the best places to visit there anymore, so if you have any tips, please leave them in the comments. Venice is one of the top tourist attractions in the world now. It’s an interesting mix of old and new, traditional and modern. There are three main areas you can visit; Pier 40, La Serenissima, and the Rialto Bridge. Pier 40 is the tip of the Rossini triangle, famed for its sculptures and vibrant life above the waterline. It is also the main point of interest for people wanting a selfie on the Dubai metro.

La Serenissima is an interesting museum and concert venue inside Max’s theatre, one of Dubai’s premier spots to watch a play. To get a better feel for the place and its history, check out Mabouh El Banna’s Instagram page. Rialto Bridge, when complete, will connect Dubai’s Downtown with Bur Dubai — a major development on the outskirts of the city. The bridge will connect the two regions via the Bur Dubai Waterway, allowing people to travel between the two worlds. It will take approximately 40m to complete and is estimated to cost about Dhs41.2bn.

It’s due to be completed sometime in 2022. Just a little houseboat escape from the city grabs you as you plunge into the vastness of the Bur Dubai Waterway, with stunning blue and green colouration. Live music and food will be abundant here. Pricing is Dhs60 for one adult, and children under 14 years old are free. A five-minute walk away from Bur Dubai Waterway station is Al Barsha Beach, one of the Parks of the Emirates. This is home to a fantastic collection of marine life, and shopping prospects too.

Things to do with kids in Ajman

Things To Do In Ajman

There are a lot of great things to do with kids in Ajman. One of the best places to take your kids is the Corniche. The Corniche is a popular place for families to spend time together and for children to play in the sand. You can bring snacks, a picnic lunch, and maybe a Frisbee. Sunrise boat trip: Meet on Fridays at 12:30 and depart from the Corniche at 1:15pm. Cost is Dh70 with entrance to the private island. COVID pet quarantine: Cultural events will resume on August 31st.

But don’t be surprised if the previous rules surrounding visiting private islands are partially lifted, allowing more exposure and possible interaction with local wildlife. The dates for this event have yet to officially announced. Make sure to see the event organiser’s page for more information on when events will take place. Things to do if you dine outdoors: The suspended crystal chandelier in the Kempinski gardens is one of the most inventive things you can do in Dubai. It was created in collaboration with the talented team at Pritzker Prize-winning architects Zaha Hadid Architects.

Where to eat in Ajman

Ajman is a small city in the UAE but it has a lot to offer. It has incredible fossil fuel reserves, but more importantly it is home to some of the most impressive sand dunes in the world. You can book tours and receive guided tours to these dunes; you can watch the sand move at your leisure, or you can rent a motorbike and explore these beautiful sands with just a look at the horizon. With so much to do in Ajman, it’s no surprise that the locals flock there. There are a range of activities to see and do in this island city, including everything from snorkeling, diving, camel trekking, and even archery. You can also reserve a spot on the famous camel safari for guided tours to see the camels up close.

Yes, you can still get that sweet, salty smell of the Middle East that locals are so famous for. Just a few steps off the A30 at Al Rashidiya leads to a market where you can enjoy food and drinks from around the region. The food here is delicious and if you’re feeling brave, you can sit inside the souks for some authentic Middle Eastern eats. The real estate market in Al Rashidiya is by far the best around and the prices will surprise anyone who’s ventured to the area. Stay close to the area to enjoy the day and explore the area more once you’re done. Despite the population of Ajman going in multiple directions, Ayyub is consider the home of the Omani people.

Where to stay in Ajman

Looking for somewhere to stay in Ajman, check out Novotel Ajman City Centre. It has a great location close to all the best shopping malls and the Corniche. It also has a great swimming pool and outdoor seating area. Galaxy Mall, which is the largest mall in the region and home to popular brands like Microsoft and BlackBerry. Check out its outlet stores, which are open until the evening. And if you buy a phone, there’s a good chance you can pick up a sweet promotion at the mall.

To get you in the mood for the nightlife that the GCC has to offer. If this is your first time in Ajman, it’s also a great place to sample food in the emirate. With many authentic Arabic restaurants sprouting up across the region. It’s not just the food though, local beers and wine are also available to buy with the local currency, the dirham. Decent British and American style pubs also exist in the area. Look in of the hotels near the mall for their cocktail lists. Plan a weekend away and go to the environmental museum at the Fujairah Nature and Science Park.

Not only is it well-displayed with amazing natural history exhibits to see, but it is also a great spot for a picnic and a spot for meditation as there’s a very calming atmosphere in the park. Even though it is pricier than other places in Ajman, the Al Waa Hotel definitely deserves a mention in this list. Ideally located along the Corniche, it is the only hotel in the entire emirate and is also right next to the metro station. But does that mean you have to travel far and wide just to stay here? Of course not, the Al Waa is very close to all the other hotels and restaurants in the area.

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