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Top Oahu Shark Diving

March 12, 2022

Dive Cage Shark From Oahu North Shore

This adventure in the ocean on Oahu’s North Shore of Oahu will transform your view of the sharks here. Galapagos and the tiger sharks frequent the region. Get up close and personal with sharks and make emotions of connection with the sharks. You’ll be able to remember it for all your life! Our boat is always manned by watermen with experience who are well-trained and ready to keep everyone aboard and on the water secure while having the most fun of their lives! The crystal clear waters of Oahu’s North Shore are waiting for you! Don’t hesitate to book your cage-free shark dive now!

Snorkel among sharks on Hawaii by using One Ocean Diving

One Ocean Diving is an extraordinary program that offers shark dive guided by marine researchers who have been trained by world-renowned shark expert Ocean Ramsey & Juan Oliphant. The company is the first that is located in both the United States & Hawaii to offer shark-free diving without cages, and continue to keep our excellent safety record.

Participants are taught how to do in the event that the shark comes close to them, and this is a valuable lesson they can use for the remainder of their lives. In addition, guests are taught about shark’s senses as well as the science behind them and are able to take part in the collection of data.

Divers’ dives are recapitulated by marine researchers who conduct diving excursions (they make up the initial one in the water and also the final person to leave. And remain in the water with guests throughout the duration) and information on conservation is provided as well as opportunities to help and become involved. One Ocean Diving’s program is part of the One Ocean organization that does other conservation and research all over the world. What’s included

Swimming in the ocean with Sharks (cage-free) at Haleiwa, Oahu

Shark Diving Oahu, Let your fears about sharks at the gate and walk in proximity to the sleek beasts with this amazing ocean experience. Start at Haleiwa in O’ahu’s North Shore of O’ahu, and spend about 30 minutes swimming with sharks in the vicinity.

But don’t be concerned: even if you’re not swimming in an enclosure. You’re safe with the assistance of a guide on board and the safety diver who swims with the group. Experience a personal encounter with these creatures during this intimate experience. There’s no need to go to the dive shop prior to your visit All snorkeling equipment is included. There are multiple sessions throughout the day, this adventure can be flexible to fit in with your schedule. Location for the meeting in The Boat Harbor on the Haleiwa waterfront

Oahu Shark Dive

Take a trip from Oahu’s beautiful North Shore to the depths of the vast blue Pacific. Which gives you the chance to see wild sharks from an underwater shark enclosure. With your expert and experienced team The Oahu diving experience is secure as they are aware of predators’ habits and the underwater cage offers proven safety against all species of sharks.

In the shark cage right in front of your face or looking out from on the vessel. Oahu shark diving can be an amazing Hawaii experience you’ll not forget. Scuba dive with sharks in this exciting cruise along the Oahu’s North Shore Spot turtles, dolphins and humpback whales along the route to your spot for shark viewing. Enjoy the top predators of the ocean in close proximity in a secure shark cage. Common sights include Galapagos sharks as well as sandbar sharks. A professional crew is there to ensure your safety and your enjoyment. Option to go into the shark cage, or watch from the boat

Shark Cage Diving In Oahu

Finally, enjoy the excitement of meeting sharks in the clear waters of Oahu in this informative, 2-hourcage-diving excursion. Discover Hawaii’s majestic hunters the Galapagos as well as Sandbar sharks. In the wild habitats and surrounded by the stunning blue waters of Hawaii’s famous North Shore. Watch from the safety of an inflatable cage.

Be sure to stay on the surface and then with snorkel and mask. And look through the large poly glass windows to view the sharks effortlessly glide past. Even so there is no scuba certification required. Drop-off and pickup from hotels is available. Enjoy sharks’ close-ups in a cage. Explore the beautiful North Shore’s blue waters. In short learn interesting facts about shark behavior and biology There is no prior experience required.

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