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Turkey Hill Experience

March 31, 2023

Let’s take a virtual ride to the Turkey Hill Experience, a fun-filled immersive entertainment in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is a must-see for everyone who like ice cream and wishes to understand the fascinating dairy sector. In this blog article, we will go over it in depth and discuss the reason why it’s a famous tourist destination. It is a hands-on and interactive experience that provides guests with an once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain knowledge about the ice cream-making technique. The attraction is housed in a restored old silk factory in Columbia, Pennsylvania, which also happens to be the origin of Turkey Hill Dairy. The Turkey Hill Experience, which spans 26,000 square feet, is intended to be interesting and instructive for guests of all ages.

The Turkey Hill Experience includes interactive displays that teach you about dairy production, Turkey Hill Dairy’s history, and how the industry’s ice cream and iced tea varieties are chosen and made. You’ll get to know what it is really like to operate a Turkey Hill Farm ice cream producer for an entire day, including the chance to design your own simulated ice cream flavor. You may also sit in their vintage delivery truck, milk their robotic cows, feature in your own Turkey Hill advertisement, and consume an ample amount of free iced tea and iced desserts!

The Turkey Hill Experience is organized into a number of interactive exhibitions, each of which provides a distinct and interactive experience. Among the most popular displays are:

The Taste Lab

The Experience‘s Taste Lab is a must-see exhibit where you can build your own ice cream flavor. You may make your own ice cream taste by selecting from a choice of flavors and mix-ins. You may also learn about the science of ice cream creation and the many components used to make ice cream. The following are some prerequisites for visiting the taste lab:

  1. All seats must be paid for. There is no standing room.
  2. There are no refunds on tickets.
  3. Laboratories are held in rooms that are not accessible from the show floor.
  4. Minors must escort by a paid adult.
  5. At the Lab, walkers and recording equipment are not authorize.
  6. Lab includes tree and powdered nuts, which are allergens.

Experience the mechanical cow milking

Attendees to the Milk a Cow display may understand more about milking procedure and even take their attempt at milking an animal. Visitors may gain insight into the significance of milk and milking in the dairy sector by visiting the interactive and instructive display.

Ice Cream Making

Another interesting facet at the Turkey Hill Experience is the Ice Cream Creating demonstration, where visitors can educate about the ice cream-making technique. You can observe how the components are combine and blended to produce the creamy, delectable ice cream that all of us enjoy.

Tea Discovery

The Tea Discovery exhibit is the newest development in the Turkey Hill Experience, and it teaches visitors about the origins and process of manufacturing tea. Guests may also taste several varieties of tea and hear about the therapeutic benefits of tea consumption. If you enjoy Turkey Hill Iced Tea in the same way the experts at Turkey Hill do, you may consider yourself a “tea expert.” Perhaps you are, but they do have Tea Specialists on staff. When you explore the Tea Exploration, one of their Tea Specialists will tell you about certain things tea, including where tea comes from throughout the world, health advantages, and much more! Your Tea Exploration adventure will last 30 minutes and will be both entertaining and instructive.

They also offer a range of Turkey Hill Iced Tea varieties available for you to try while you learn about everything. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite Turkey Hill Iced Tea flavor. When you reach the Turkey Hill Experience, you may simply register for the Tea Discovery for just $5 per participant. Tickets for the Tea Exploration are not presently accessible online; nevertheless, you may acquire the Triple Scoop advance tickets, which include free entry, the Tea Discovery, and the Taste Lab. To participate in the Tea Exploration, you must pay admission.

Interactive Exhibits

In complement to the displays mentioned above, the Turkey Hill Experience offers additional interactive displays that provide a hands-on approach. Visitors may design their personal virtual ice cream flavor, play games, and discover about Turkey Hill Dairy’s heritage. There is also a place to shop at Turkey Hill Experience where guests may buy mementos and ice cream. The retail store sells Hill Dairy items such as ice cream, teas, and other milk products.

The Turkey Hill Experience, located in Columbia, PA, is just steps away from a variety of other exciting destinations for your family to explore and enjoy. Adventure Sports in Hershey, nestled in the central region of Pennsylvania, offers enjoyment for all generations from springtime to late October. It’s simple to spend several hours go-karting, mini golfing, swinging in the batting cages, sailing on bumper ships, playing outside laser tag, or engaging in the arcade. End the day off with a delicious ice cream or fudge sundae desert. No matter if it’s a weekend trip or a family holiday to Pennsylvania, Adventure Sports is the ideal spot to have family fun and make lasting memories.


Turkey Hill Experience tickets are on sale all year and can purchase from the internet or at the attraction’s gate. The Experience entry fee is $13.50, which provides access to all of the exhibitions and interactive features. If you wish to visit the Taste Lab, where you may make your own ice cream flavor, entrance is $22.45. The Taste Lab entry ticket contains everything included in the Experience entry ticket as well as the ability to design your custom ice cream flavor. It also comes with a quart of ice cream to carry home as a memento. The Taste Lab is a popular tourist attraction, so get your tickets ahead of time to ensure your position.

To conclude, the Turkey Hill Experience is an enjoyable and educational destination that provides guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. It is an interesting and comprehensive experience for individuals of all ages, thanks to the interactive exhibitions and hands-on exercises. The Turkey Hill Experience is a must-see for everyone who like ice cream and is interest in learning more about the milk industry. Therefore, if you’re in the Lancaster Metro area, stop by the Turkey Hill Experience and design your favorite ice cream flavor!

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