Vital Climbing Gym, Brooklyn
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Vital Climbing Gym, Brooklyn: Experience A Unique Climbing Experience Vital climbing gym brooklyn new york.

March 14, 2023

Every year or two, my family and I visit New Jersey, just across the river from New York. My kids train at a gym right next door to theirs but everyone in that metro area has been talking about this new bouldering gym called Vital in Green point, Brooklyn – and yes, it deserves its own post! Today we’ll be talking about Vital climbing gym in Brooklyn!

Let me be clear: this place is so much more than a bouldering gym. It’s pricey at $35 for a day pass per person, but once you arrive, you might end up spending the entire day there!

VITAL Climbing Gym

I often accompany my men to the gyms because they’re always fascinating and quite cool places to hang out in. While some of them offer employment opportunities, Vital is definitely tops on everything – this enormous bouldering gym in Green point was once warehouses and factories which have now been turned into hipster-like apartments – meaning the spaces there could easily fit a huge gym such as Vital across the river on the east side looking over Manhattan! At Vital Gym in Brooklyn, visitors can climb on climbing boards for an ultimate fitness experience.

VITAL Climbing Gym offers an expansive space. There’s the cafĂ© area, perfect for working or just chilling out outdoors; outdoor tables provide extra seating if desired. Plus there is plenty of room for those who don’t climb to visit with climbers who do; plus all kinds of bouldering projects from V1 up through probably V 13. Today they seem to have made things even harder for themselves. Not only do they have a room for kids of all ages and levels, they rent shoes with pet friendly policies; the facility itself is enormous with an entire gym in one corner!

Enjoying some fun at Vital Climbing Gym in Brooklyn


So if you’re looking to work out while spending time with someone who is also climbing, look no further than this gym! It has everything and could easily keep you there for several hours without using all their machines – it truly is an incredible space! They offer aerial yoga and many other classes on request; check their schedule to find out what’s happening there! At Vital Brooklyn’s outdoor climbing gym, you can climb to your heart’s content!

Bouldering Area

But the coolest part of all was upstairs. They have this wonderful outdoor bouldering area complete with fire pit and restaurant that offered vegan food options; that’s where I spent most of my time while stargazing by the fire pit.

At our destination in the fall, it wasn’t too cold or hot – just perfect. Although in the evening it did get a bit chilly. The views from above are absolutely stunning and my men enjoyed climbing outside on the second floor while I watched them and worked on my computer while enjoying an exquisite meal. If you’re interested in bouldering from zero level up, this place definitely has something for you. At Outdoor Vital Climbing Gym, a woman sits by the fire pit.

My Take

Walking around Green point was such a pleasure; its hipster vibe made me want to explore all that the neighborhood had to offer. After checking out some cool organic shops right next door and having coffee there, I headed over to Vital for dinner and some shopping. Vital was such an awesome neighborhood! We spent six hours there, and my kids loved it! Even my husband joined in! So it was an all-day trip! And getting there couldn’t have been simpler – either drive yourself there with plenty of parking or take public transportation (there are tons of subway stops or buses) for just six dollars per person!

Plus you could buy day passes, weekly passes, or memberships to make the most of it all. They provide 24 hour access, so people can go climbing whenever they please – who would’ve known? Check out Vital for an unforgettable experience – make sure you go upstairs when the weather isn’t raining, snowing or too cold so that you can take full advantage of all it has to offer. It’s definitely worth checking out on a day that isn’t raining, snowing or too cold so that you don’t miss out!

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