Weather Gran Canarias

The Gran Canarias Weather is Simply The Best in The Whole World

July 12, 2022

Weather Gran Canarias belongs to the Canary Islands,  weather gran Canarias  which are considered the fortunate islands with the mildest weather of the whole planet. Within that archipelago of 7 islands, Gran Canarias is considered to be the one with the best weather; on the island itself the area between Arguineguin and Mogán is the zone with the smallest temperature variation throughout the whole year.

As you can see on the chart below, the average high temperature in Puerto Rico for example only varies 6ºC (11ºF) from the “coldest” months, which are January & February to the hottest months, August & September. Gran Canarias not only has a great climate, but is also one of the least air-polluted areas in the world. The island’s capital city Las Palmas was declared the city with the cleanest air of Spain in 2014. There can be big temperature differences between the north, center and south of the island. The wind conditions also vary tremendously. Weather Gran Canarias is called the miniature continent because it has 5, yes five, different climatic zones!

Gran Canarias Weather – Month by Month Overview

The Atlantic Ocean around Gran Canarias is always rather warm due to the southern currents. Therefore the sea is always warm enough for a swim. How much time you want to spend in the water though depends greatly on the air temperature and the general weather conditions of the beach you are on. Here is a monthly weather overview, but mostly for the southern parts of the island, where the main tourist destinations are located.

January – Average 18º – Warm in the Sun – Almost Cold in the Shade

The weather in Gran Canarias in January can be quite warm still at the beginning of the month. Then it gets colder towards its end. We go for a swim nearly every New Year’s day. You can’t stay in the water for hours and hours, but 10-20 minutes will do. Once you get used to the water temperature its is extremely refreshing – especially if you have been partying too much.

When you come out of the water, you will not feel the cold air on your body. If you have a wind secluded spot, the sun will heat you up slowly and you will feel like a new person afterwards. In the evenings it recommendable to bring a sweatshirt or cardigan along. The north and center of the island can get quite cold with rain and even snow. The evenings are quite cold in the north, a cozy log fire is now required to heat up the rooms.


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