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You’re Now Able to Ride Swan Boats at Echo Park Lake

March 14, 2022

Swans have landed in Echo Park Lake just in the midst of spring. It’s a good thing, actually. The pedal boat services on the lake have been brought under new management. A part of the new management includes the modernization of the selection of Swan-shaped pedal boat available to rent. Wheel Fun Rentals It has acquired the rental area for pedal boats previously managed by Chaffin & Reeves (doing business under the name Echo Park Lake Pedal Boats Canoe & Gondola). The first day of the new service took place on Saturday, which also saw the introduction of the previously mentioned Swans.

Echo Park Swan Boats, As per The East side the previous operators outbid by Wheel Fun for the rights to manage rental rentals. In the decision which was approve by the Department of Recreation and Parks in September. Chaffin & Reeves had provided rentals for pedal boats at the lake prior to the massive reconstruction of the lake that was complete in 2013.

We Like L.A. spoke to the assistant manager Tom Oddo, who was working in the rental of pedal boats. For the last 10 months and was able to stay on through the change of service suppliers. Oddo notes that the more modern boats represent an important advancement in both dimensions. The inclusion of canopies for shade pedal boat riders in open water. A small swan boat is able to be able to accommodate up to two adult and 2 kids less than the age of 10. A larger swan can accommodate up to five people. At present, about half of the fleet is being convert to the latest Swan models, however it is plan to convert all the boats in the near future.

Rentals are $11 an hour for adults, and the rate is $6 per hour for kids (ages two to 17). It’s a one-dollar increase for both children and adults as compared to previous rates. Best to book your rental on a weekday for ensuring the availability of rentals, since weekends can sell out quickly. As summer approaches, Oddo said to We Like L.A. He expects to see a high demand for every day of the week.

Echo Park Swan Boats rentals are offer all year long all week long, beginning at 9 a.m. until sunset. The boathouse is situated on the eastern end of Echo Park Swan Boats Lake. Adjacent to Beacon located at 751 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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